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Rain barrel collecting rain water from downspout.

10 Jul 2024

How rainwater harvesting can help you save water and the environment

A stately cottage sitting alongside a serene lake

9 Jul 2024

A luxurious landscape – luxury cottages and cabins

A cottage that has been outfitted with solar panels in a pristine natural environment.

9 Jul 2024

Being friendly to the environment – Eco-friendly cottages and cabins

A stormy coastline with waves crashing the rocks in front of a lighthouse

8 Jul 2024

Home safe in a hurricane – the causes and costs of hurricanes

A young man cutting down a tree in front his home

8 Jul 2024

Home safe from a hurricane – how to minimize hurricane damage to your home

A family sheltering in place on the first level of the home in a candle-lit room

8 Jul 2024

Home safe in a hurricane – guarding yourself upon landfall

A man on a boat

28 Jun 2024

Three of the most common boating insurance claims. (And what you can do to help avoid them.)

Father and son are charging the electric car

27 Jun 2024

How to be cautious with EV batteries

A professional auto repairman fixing a crack in a car windshield

27 Jun 2024

A windshield replacement is only a stone’s throw away

Brooklyn bridge in New York City

27 Jun 2024

Auto accident in the US? What next?

Driving instructor teaching new driver how to drive in a car

27 Jun 2024

Car insurance for first-time drivers

Father and daughter wearing life jackets on a small boat enjoying a day out on the water.

26 Jun 2024

Boat safety this summer