What information is needed for an auto insurance quote?

You may already know what information is needed for a home and tenant insurance quote, but what information is needed for an auto insurance quote? 

Let’s look at what details you need in order to get an accurate quote for auto insurance.

Details needed for an auto insurance quote

When it comes to auto insurance quotes, the information you’ll need to provide falls into three areas: your details, your vehicle’s information and the coverage requirements. 

1. Details about yourself and all drivers on the policy

When asking for a quote, you’ll need to give your name and address, driving history, and other key details like your type of licence, how many years you’ve had a licence and if you’ve had any accidents or tickets. You’ll also be asked for the same details if you add more than one driver to the same policy, but make sure you have the other driver’s consent first.    

2. Vehicle details

Your insurance quote is also dependent on what type of car you’re driving - not just your history on the road. As a result, ensure you have your vehicle year, make and model information ready, as well as its VIN number (this can be found on your vehicle ownership or the vehicle itself). You’ll also be asked some basic questions regarding how many kilometers you drive on average per year and whether you use it for personal, to and from work/school, or business purposes.  

3. Coverage details

When it comes to coverage details, it’s important to consider what type of coverage you want for your car. For example, collision, comprehensive or all perils (combination of collision and comprehensive). Regardless of where you live in Canada, drivers must have third-party liability coverage. Depending on the province or territory other mandatory coverages may apply. Optional coverages are also available depending on your individual needs. For example, ride-sharing, roadside assistance or coverage for transportation replacement are common add-on coverages. 

Accurate information means an accurate quote

Overall, remember that the more details you provide at the time of your quote, the more accurate your quote will be. The information you provide will ensure you have the right policy for your needs. Speaking with your insurance representative will help determine the right policy for you.  

Now that we know what information is needed to get an accurate insurance quote, let’s look at what to consider when getting a home or auto quote.

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