Aviva’s Sustainability Ambition

Creating a better tomorrow

Our Sustainability Ambition sets out the steps we’re taking to help protect the planet and build stronger, more resilient communities. It’ll help ensure we’ll always be with you today, for a better tomorrow. 

The challenges facing our world – like the climate crisis – affect us all. They impact our lives, families, and our future. 

Our three areas of focus include fighting for climate change, strengthening communities and embedding sustainability into our business. Making sustainability a guiding force in business takes standing up for what you believe in. It takes having people who care. It takes commitment, passion, partnership. It takes Aviva. 


1This will cover shareholder and policyholder assets where Aviva has control and data, and the main asset classes of Aviva’s core markets (credit, equities, direct real estate and sovereign debt). Aviva will be able to expand this further as new data and methodologies become available. For more details please see www.aviva.com/climate-goals

2Percentage of profits earned by Aviva globally across its core markets