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Whether you prefer cruising or touring, we’ll help protect your motorcycle with specialized coverage that fits your needs and budget. Motorcycle insurance is available exclusively through Insurance Brokers. 

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Optional coverages

Need enhanced coverage? Customize your policy with these add-ons:

Please note: Some of these add-ons are not available in every province. Please contact your broker for more information.

Waiver of Depreciation

With this added protection, if your bike is damaged beyond repair in an accident, we’ll replace it with a brand-new version, even if it’s more expensive.

Rider’s assistance

Get Satellite Roadside Assistance 24/7 across Canada and the US.


Loss of Use

Covers the cost for a rental car, taxi or public transit while your bike is in for repairs.

Personal effects coverage

Coverage for personal effects that you usually carry up to $2,500 

Emergency Vacation Expense coverage

Designed to help you return home after a loss.


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With Aviva's motorcycle insurance, you'll get:

Combine and save

You’ll get a discount and convenient features when you combine your  home, vehicle and motorcycle insurance policies.

The opportunity to customize your policy

You’ll enjoy the standard features of your policy and can choose from optional benefits tailored to your unique needs.

Claims Service Satisfaction Guarantee*

We guarantee your satisfaction with Aviva’s claims service, or your money back.

*We will pay you an amount equal to the annual premium of your policy at the time of loss, in addition to any settlement amount you receive for your claim. 
Terms and conditions apply.  

Frequently asked questions

We answer your questions on motorcycle insurance

Are the belongings I take with me on my bike covered, or just the bike?

Along with coverage for most makes, models and types of motorcycles under 2,000cc, additional protection is available for the gear that goes along with your bike – trailers, leathers, sidecars and more.  You can also add coverage up to $2,500 for your personal items.

What about custom features I've added to my motorcycle – are they covered?

You can add protection for custom saddlebags and chrome.

What if I get stuck at the side of the road or need to stay somewhere while my vehicle is being fixed. Is that covered, too?

You can add the following protection to make sure you’re covered if your bike breaks down:

  • Satellite Roadside Assistance provides towing, flat tire replacement, battery boost, emergency fuel delivery, and extrication/winching services, along with several travel advice and assistance services
  • Loss of Use covers the cost for a rental car, taxi or public transit while the bike is in for repairs
  • Emergency Vacation Expense coverage pays expenses to help you return home after a loss

How far can I go on my trip and still be covered?

If you've added Satellite Roadside Assistance, that protection travels with you wherever you travel on the bike across Canada and the U.S., 24/7/365.

How much will you pay to replace my bike if it can't be fixed? *BC only

If your bike is a write-off and is newer, Agreed Value coverage pays you the amount you insured your ride for when you
took out the policy. (This applies to BC only)

I just bought a second motorcycle. Do I need a separate motorcycle insurance policy?

If you purchase a second motorcycle, you can simply add it to your existing motorcycle insurance policy. If you have more than one insurance policy with us, you may be able to get a multi-vehicle discount.

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