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Questions every homeowner should ask about their property

Did you know that homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and replacement of service lines on their property when they fail? The costs associated with digging up, repairing or replacing service lines can run into thousands of dollars.

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Car Emergency Kit

No matter which season you’re driving in, a car emergency due to bad weather, flat tires, accidents or break-downs could happen at anytime. For drivers who have road-side assistance, help doesn’t.

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5 Ways to Save Money and Energy this Winter

Energy bills can skyrocket over the cold winter months, but there are a few DIY ideas you could try to help keep them manageable. 1. Minimize Drafts Heat can quickly escape through cracks around...

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Keep safe and sober on the roads this season

It doesn’t seem to matter how often we talk about the dangers of drinking and driving. Someone, somewhere, isn’t listening. According to statistics provided by the Ontario Provincial Police, impaired..

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