Celebrating our Charged for Change communities: The County of Prince Edward, Ontario implements EV Infrastructure

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Building a better tomorrow, together with Earth Day Canada, Aviva Canada is taking action on climate change and helping to build stronger, more resilient communities by investing in public charging stations for electric vehicles. Charged for Change is a program that funds public electric vehicle (EV) charging installations in communities across Canada with limited or no access to EV infrastructure. Join us as we celebrate the unique stories of our Charged for Change communities, in the County of Prince Edward, Ontario, as they transition towards electric mobility.

The County of Prince Edward, Ontario, Canada - 44°00′N 77°15′W

Beaches abound and the landscape’s greenery rolls in the County of Prince Edward, Ontario, or affectionately called “The County” by residents and those in the know. Technically an island, as the county can only be accessed by bridge, the County of Prince Edward sits on the northeastern shoreline of Lake Ontario, offering wonderful views of the present and the past.

The first human touch in “The County”

The discovery of spear points, dating back to 12,000 years in age, traces the first human interaction with The County. In the following millennia, the area was populated by the “Archaic” hunters and gathers, then larger groups referred to as the “Moundbuilders” who performed some agricultural activities, then the Haudenosaunee who formed villages with more extensive agricultural activity1.

A French stopover in history

Some of the first European encounters in the county began with Champlain’s exploration of Canada in 1615. In the century that followed, French fur traders travelled the area along their trade routes to Lake Huron. With the victory of the British over the French in the Seven Years War in 1760, the county forked towards a different future.

Loyalist settlement

Escaping reprisal from the new American government, those loyal to the British crown followed Lieutenant Archibald MacDonnell to settle the area in 1784. This was soon followed by more loyalist settlements. In fact, that history can still be experienced today with Daniel Reynolds’ Loyalist house. Built in 17902, the house has been restored and is currently used as a residence.

Cheers to Barley Days

In 1861, the American government levied a tax on whiskey, invigorating a growth in beer demand. Considered to be superior, American brewers preferred barley produced in the County. From 1851 to 1881, barley grown in the County jumped from 5% to over 30% of farmland, with over 800,000 bushels of barley shipped in 1881 alone3. But, as American beer producers moved to Milwaukee and St. Louis, the heyday of the Barley days came to an end in 1890.

The County today

With a landmass of around 1,000 square kilometres and over 500 kilometres of inland lake and Lake Ontario shoreline4, the County of Prince Edward is a natural playground and water wonderland. It features approximately 50 vineyards and nearly 30 wineries. In addition, the County is becoming a hotbed for breweries and cideries. They, along with local restaurants, ice-creameries, artisan shops and farmers markets are part of the self-guided Prince Edward County Taste Trail.

Cool things to check out in “The County”

Sandbanks Provincial Park: Only 20 minutes from Picton, enjoy three large public beaches, birdwatching and the Sandbanks Woodlands Trail.

Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park: Discover a lake that Lake Ontario looks up to…because Lake on the Mountain is 60 metres higher.

Oeno Gallery: Get a taste of artistic culture in the county in a gallery that features paintings and sculptures in permanent exhibits and temporary exhibits from international artists.

Mariners Park Museum: Explore the maritime history of The County from fishing, ship building, ice harvesting to rum running.

Farm Stand Visit: Enjoy fresh produce and products by visiting a farmers market or stopping at a farm stand and take stock of the agricultural history of The County.

Infrastructure for EV Charging Equipment Charged for Change

A Charged for Change electric vehicle charging station located in The County of Prince Edward, Ontario. Photo courtesy of The County of Prince Edward.
A Charged for Change electric vehicle charging station located in The County of Prince Edward, Ontario. Photo courtesy of The County of Prince Edward.

We’re thrilled to have been welcomed to the County of Prince Edward to fund the installation of EV charging stations, allowing climate-conscious drivers to charge their electric vehicles in the beautiful environment of “The County”.

Stay tuned for our next EV journey to another Charged for Change municipality, the Township of Selwyn, Ontario. Visit Charged for Change: Bringing electric vehicle charging infrastructure to your community to learn more.


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