Electric vehicle insurance

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Save up to 20%*

You rely on your vehicle every day. From running errands to driving to work, you need protection you can trust. 

Power up your savings

Reduced car insurance prices for electric and hybrid-vehicles

Available discounts

Drivers like you who make an environmentally-friendly choice can save even more with special discounts.

Green Vehicle Discount – Just for insuring an electric or hybrid-electric car with us, you’re eligible for an additional 5% discount

*Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) Discount – Most electric cars have a manufacturer-installed AEB system. If yours does, your cost of insurance is reduced up to a further 15% with Aviva.

Plus, you could also benefit from our standard discounts to save even more – such as being claims free.

Standard coverage

Standard auto insurance from Aviva protects you and your family if you have an accident, covering:

  • Injury, death or property damage to others 
  • Healthcare costs and loss of income for you or your family

High-value vehicle coverge

You’ve worked hard to enjoy the finer things in life. Protect your assets with coverage exclusively designed for high-value homes, vehicles and other valuable assets. Ovation® from Aviva is crafted to meet your distinct needs and offers best-in-class protection for the unique risks that come with having more. Enjoy exceptional value and customized coverage that protects the things you value most.

Your time is valuable. With Ovation, you get concierge claims service that goes above and beyond regular standards of service and convenience. Our dedicated claims care experts work around your schedule to resolve your claim fast and without hassle. Our exceptional level of service – and superior coverage – ensures you’ll get back to normal as quickly as possible.

The Aviva Advantage

  • Ahead of the curve: We stay current on the latest electric vehicle manufacturing trends, repair techniques and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) procedures. 
  • National Vendor Network: Our preferred auto repair vendor network includes facilities across Canada that specialize in Electric Vehicles. 
  • Certified Electric Vehicle Specialists: Our partners are trained and certified to safely repair common collision-related damage to Electric Vehicles.
  • Road-side assistance – If you add this optional coverage to your policy, you can access this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere in Canada or the continental United States. We’ll be there for you if you need a battery boost, are out of gas/charge, or even lock your keys in the car.
  • Your Claims Service Satisfaction is Guaranteed. See full Terms & Conditions.

Optional coverages

Need enhanced coverage? Customize your policy with these add-ons.

The availability of these policy add-ons varies by province. Contact your insurance representative to find out which option is available and the right one for you.


Ride sharing insurance is designed for part-time drivers who use their own vehicles to carry passengers.*


Temporary vehicle replacement

Get access to a rental car to keep you on the road while your car is being repaired or replaced following a claim.

Conviction protector

Avoid paying more for your car insurance if you get a minor driving  conviction, such as a speeding ticket. 

Collision protection

Protect your vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident with this valuable add-on feature. 

Comprehensive coverage

Safeguard against damage not caused by a collision, including theft, vandalism, falling objects and more. 

Disappearing deductible

Add this benefit to your policy and we’ll reduce your deductible every  year you don’t make a claim. 

Accident forgiveness

Your car insurance rate won’t go up after your first accident, even if you were at-fault.

The car insurance you need

With Aviva's car insurance, you'll get:

Combine and save

You’ll get a discount when you combine your home and auto insurance policies.

The opportunity to customize your policy

You’ll enjoy the standard features of your car insurance policy and can choose from optional coverages tailored to your unique needs.

24/7 claim service to help you get back on track

You can make your insurance claim in whatever way suits you best including online, by phone or through your insurance representative.  

Insurance brokers, the right choice for you

Get expertise for your insurance needs from coverages, pricing options, claims support and discounts. 

**Aviva and the Aviva logo are trademarks used under license by the licensor. Green Vehicle discount and an Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) policy is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, Traders General Insurance Company [note: name all applicable], each a subsidiary of Aviva Canada Inc..  The information on this website is provided to you for information purposes only. Terms and conditions apply, for exact terms, definitions, limitations and extensions, please refer to the actual policy wordings.

***Aviva offers a bundle that combines a Green Vehicle discount and the AEB discount to help you save up to 20% on your insurance.