Insuring your electric vehicle or Hybrid

As part of a series of stories to help you take charge of climate action, these EV insurance tips and their companion stories Tips on buying an electric vehicle and Electric vehicles environmental impact aim to help empower your EV awareness and decisions. 

Taking charge of EV insurance

The fear factor of switching to an electric vehicle (EV) doesn’t have to drive you to Stress-town. Have you seen an EV driver? They don’t look particularly frightened. In fact, they look pretty relaxed, even with the power of instant torque sitting at the tip of their toe. Maybe because owning and operating an EV is an easy experience. And insuring one is just as easy.

Just like regular car insurance, with a few differences

Insuring an EV is just like insuring any vehicle. You can do it the same way you’ve always purchased car insurance, whether through a brokerage, insurance agency, or directly with an insurer. Simply explore the policy that suits your unique driving and car ownership needs. Along the way, you’ll encounter EV specific coverages like: loss or damage to your vehicle or battery, charger damage, and liability for battery fires or charger wire trips. 

With you today for a better tomorrow

If a commitment to sustainability is your motivation to drive an EV, perhaps you should consider an insurance company driven by sustainability. As one of the first global insurance companies to commit to a Net Zero target, Aviva continues to play a leading role in corporate responsibility. Recognizing the grave threat of climate change, they are taking action for their customers, business, shareholders, and future with goals to:

  • become a Net Zero company by 2040
  • achieve a 25% reduction in carbon intensity of assets by 2025, and 60% by 2030
  • have Net Zero operations and supply chain by 2030

Aviva has fused sustainability in their DNA. In fact, “By the end of 2022 it will divest from all companies which make more than 5% of their revenue from coal unless they have signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative”, and subsequently cultivated partnerships with the renewable energy sector. 

Giving electric vehicle ownership a boost

To encourage greater adoption of zero-emission vehicles, Aviva offers up to a 10% discount to insure an EV and 5% to insure a hybrid*. In addition, to ease any range anxiety about driving an EV, they offer complementary towing* to EV insurance customers whose batteries lose a charge on the road And to further encourage drivers to transition to climate-friendly car ownership, Aviva offers a $2,000 subsidy* for the purchase of an new EV for customers replacing a total loss vehicle on their Aviva policy.

Creating a climate of positive change

When you choose to insure an EV, you’re also insuring a more sustainable future. When driving your EV, you’ll help reduce global demand for fossil fuels and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, therefore decelerating the effects of climate change. Good for you, whether you’re insuring an EV you already own, are in the process of planning the purchase of an EV, or simply open to the possibility of buying one in the future. Every little step will help achieve a climate of positive change the planet needs.


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