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Aviva Journey

A new way for Ontario drivers to get rewarded for safe driving

Enjoy the journey to savings and safer driving

Take control of your car insurance costs with Aviva Journey. Good driving habits mean more savings in your pocket to spend on everything else in life. Enjoy the same coverage from Aviva for less. Talk to your insurance representative to get started today!

What is Aviva Journey?


Aviva Journey is an app that gives you real-time visibility on what affects your car insurance premium, leaving you in the driver’s seat. Enjoy tips on safe driving and get a personalized premium, which can decrease or increase, based on your driving habits. So, the safer you drive, the more you can save on your car insurance.



Get on the road to rewards with Aviva Journey

We’re excited to announce that we are adding a new rewards feature for Aviva Journey customers in Ontario. Now a great driving score can help you score some great eGift cards in addition to great savings on your auto insurance.

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Take Aviva Journey along for the ride and enjoy these insurance discounts and savings when driving safely*

Instant savings

Enjoy 10%* off your insurance premium for the first year just for signing up. Ask your insurance representative for details.

Control over your premiums

Drive down your premiums with good driving habits. You can save up to 20%* on your auto premium next year for being a safe driver. But with riskier driving habits, you may see an increase of up to 5%* in premium. Ask your insurance representative for details.

Easy to sign up, easy to use

Speak to your insurance representative, download the app on your smartphone, and drive your way to savings.


On top of great savings on your auto insurance, safe driving can score you some great eGift cards with Aviva Journey Rewards.

How does Aviva Journey work with auto insurance?

The app uses sensors on your smartphone to score you on your driving skills and reward you for:

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Safe speeds

Driving within speed limits consistently.

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Smoothness and control

Accelerating, braking, and cornering your car smoothly and with control.

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Staying focused on the road and avoiding smartphone use while in the car.

The better you drive, the better your score, the more you’ll save on your auto insurance. It’s that easy!

What you’ll see on the app

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Trip details

Get your driving stats in real time on your personal dashboard. See where you’ve driven and how well you did on the road.

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Driving score and potential savings

Discover your safety score and savings. We calculate your score based on your driving data.* Ask your insurance representative for details.

A woman in a parking lot using the Aviva Journey app’s, Find my car, feature to locate her parked car.

Tips and more

Get breakdowns of your score to help improve your driving, plus use the Find My Car feature on the app to locate your parked car.

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Visit the Rewards section in your app to see your points balance and the list of available gift card options. The safer you drive, the more points you earn.

Join Aviva Journey today and start saving on your car insurance!

Generate your personalized car insurance premium for next year and take advantage of the 10% enrolment discount* just for joining Aviva Journey. Let’s get you all setup with these three easy steps.

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Sign up through your insurance representative

Both existing and new Aviva customers can sign up for Aviva Journey - talk to your insurance representative.

A woman smiling and downloading the Aviva Journey app onto her cellphone. 2

Download the app

Get the Aviva Journey app, set up your account, and activate the program with your personal activation code.


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Journey towards savings and safer driving

That’s it! Get rewarded with discounts and better insurance rates for good driving.

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Enjoy your Journey to savings and safer driving

Your driving data and privacy

Driving data

Data collected each time you drive include:

  • GPS data – such as speed, time and location
  • Scoring data - acceleration, speeding, braking, cornering and distracted driving (such as using your mobile phone while driving) (tracked from GPS or accelerometer)
  • Trip details/Driving events – such as road type, distance travelled, time of day, and day of the week when a trip occurs
  • Mobile device information – such as your device ID, battery level and charging status
  • Internet connectivity – via mobile or wireless
  • Events – such as turning on or off the app
  • Other information – for location-related features such as Find my car

Data privacy

The Aviva Journey app collects your driving data for each trip and securely transfers it to our program supplier to be analyzed to determine your driving score. 


We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will handle your personal information in accordance with applicable laws and our privacy policy.


  • What are the driving discount or surcharge eligibility requirements?

  • How are my driving scores and discount or surcharge calculated?

  • Can I withdraw from the program at any time?

Still have questions? Check out the rest of our FAQ.

Get rewarded for safe driving, get started today!

See how much you can save with Aviva Journey, get a quote from an Aviva broker or from Aviva Direct.

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