Enjoy your Journey to savings and safer driving


Introducing a new app that rewards safe driving.

The brake is your pedal of choice when you see an amber light at an intersection. You don’t drive the highways like you’re competing for pole position. The rules of the road are instinctive to you. But it’s always been a challenge for insurance companies to know if you are a safe driver or not – until now. With the launch of Aviva Journey, a new app for Ontario drivers, we’ll know and can reward you with discounts for your safe driving habits. In short, it’s a usage-based insurance program that rewards safe driving behaviour – putting you in the driver’s seat.

How does Aviva Journey work?

Just by signing up, you’ll get 10%* off your insurance premium for the first term. You can also save up to 20%* on your auto premium the following term for being a safe driver. However, with unsafe driving habits, you may see an increase in premium of up to 5%. Put simply, the safer you drive, the more you can save on car insurance.

Built with you in mind

Aviva Journey has an intuitive dashboard, a simple user experience, and data that shows you how your driving score is calculated. Available for on both the App Store (Apple) and the Play Store (Android).

To learn more visit https://www.aviva.ca/en/journey. Here you can find instructional videos, FAQs and much more about the Aviva Journey program

Take control of your car insurance costs with Aviva Journey. Good driving habits mean more savings in your pocket to spend on everything else in life. Enjoy the same coverage from Aviva for less. Talk to your broker to get started today!

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