Giving the green light - easing your hesitation about insurance driving apps

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Aviva’s “Skills that lower your bills” series helps you understand telematics and ways it can help you save on insurance. “The speed bumps to using a driving discount app” joins companion stories, "A seven-day journey with a driving discount app", and "How a driving discount app can tailor your insurance premium to your driving habits".

Getting used to the idea

A driving app that tracks and scores your driving habits can seem like an unusual passenger travelling with you on your daily drives. But it’s not the back seat driver you might think it is. Driving apps like Aviva Journey are your cheerleader and will let your insurance provider know that you’re a good driver who deserves a discount on your premium.

What if I go over the speed limit a couple of times?

The app measures the consistency of your good driving. It tracks your speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and attentiveness. So, if you have a longer driving history of impeccable driving, a minor instance of going over the speed limit or stopping short will not have a dramatic impact on your overall score. A grade of 80% is still considered an A after all.

What about the possibility of a premium increase?

If you’re concerned about earning a bad score, the app’s dashboard provides real time results, allowing you to adjust your driving behaviours…so you’ll never have any surprises. You can hone your skills to lower your bills.

What about my mobile data?

If you don’t have an unlimited mobile data plan, you can always use it offline and upload your data through a wifi connection.

What if I don’t want my activities tracked?

Though the app collects your GPS data and mobile device information, it is all securely transferred to Aviva’s program supplier to be analyzed for the sole purpose of calculating your driving score, while carefully managing your personal information in accordance with applicable laws and Aviva’s privacy policy.

Giving the green light to a driving discount app

The hesitation is understandable. But if you are a good driver, why not use your skills to lower your bills with a secure and safe driving discount app like Aviva Journey. And if your skills aren’t up to snuff, the app will show your blind spots to help you improve upon them. More importantly it’ll guide you to becoming a safer driver, which is better for you and everyone else on the roads.

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