Auto accident in the US? What next?

Brooklyn bridge in New York City

Everyday people across Canada take road trips and vacations in the United States. Some go for the day, others for a long weekend, and some take extensive trips across the border. Unfortunately, many Canadians also get into auto collisions during these trips.

Do you know what to do if you are in a crash outside of the country?

“The first thing that you need to do after you ensure everyone is safe and attended to if they need medical attention, is to call your insurer right away,” says Glenn Cooper from Aviva Canada. “Your insurance company will guide you through the process and tell you what steps need to be taken.”

Many Canadians make the mistake of waiting until they are back in the country to call their insurer. This will only make things more complicated when making a claim.

Insurance companies see thousands of claims from across the border each year. They have relationships with suppliers in the US to ensure that you are properly taken care of and have access to speedy repairs.

Cooper expands on some of the services that insurance companies can help with:

  • Insurers can help you get your vehicle fixed quicker.
  • If your car is too damaged to drive they can set you up with a rental car.
  • If you are driving an RV, they can cover the costs of a hotel.
  • If your damage is minor, your insurer will help you determine if you should continue to drive or get it repaired. 

It’s these situations that an insurance broker or insurer is there to assist with, so give them a call.

It is also important to highlight that many policies will not continue coverage if you drive your vehicle into Mexico or leave Canada for an extended period of time. If either of these situations apply, it is best to contact your insurance broker or insurer.

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