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Auto theft is a growing crisis

Auto theft is impacting Canadians. Aviva Canada has been advocating for action to better protect Canadians, including providing preventative tips for customers and sharing recommendations with government. We need everyone – government, insurers, vehicle manufacturers, law enforcement, and consumers – to make it right. 

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Car key resting on centre console in vehicle

Aviva warns of ongoing scams

Person looking at cellphone while receiving an incoming scam call

25 Jun 2023

Beware of suspicious telephone calls

Man shaking someone’s hand across a desk.

11 Apr 2023

Beware of fake Aviva-branded investment opportunities


25 May 2021

Investor fraud: Beware of fake investment offers and scams

4 Oct 2021

Inheritance/Life Insurance Scams

Contacted by a fraudster or fallen victim to a scam?

Report this to us right away. We'll take it from here and let you know what you need to do to stay safe.

We're helping you

We know your security is important to you and to us too... And while things have changed recently, protecting you from fraud remains a top priority for us.

You can now report if you've seen or heard anything suspicious that appears to be coming from us or relates to any of our products – and we'll look into it for you. 

And to help you protect yourself, we've also put together handy tips and practical advice on what to look for to keep you secure.

Father and son playing with mini cash register

19 Mar 2024

How to make the most of your accident benefits coverage

A satisfied customer shaking hands with vendor

1 Mar 2024

The venerable vendor – Benefits of using preferred vendors for your insurance claim

photo with vehicle identification number

29 Nov 2023

You could be driving a stolen Re-VIN vehicle: What you need to know before purchasing your next vehicle

Individual, completely dressed in black, with hood and mask, breaking into home.

14 Nov 2023

Vehicle thefts and home invasions: Why your home is now a target for vehicle thieves

The answer

No one can solve this problem on their own. Everyone has a role to play. Learn more about what you can do and what you can expect insurers and your government representatives to do on your behalf.

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