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Whether you’re organizing a contest for a charity or your workplace, our prize indemnity insurance lets you relax knowing that you’re covered. Prize indemnity insurance is available exclusively through Insurance Brokers. 

The prize indemnity insurance you need

With Aviva's prize indemnity insurance, you'll get:

Offer up to $1 million in prizes

Ideal for events with random draws or skill-based contests that award large prizes.

Customize your policy

Customized to your needs - whether it's a small social club, charity or an iconic Canadian sports team.

Get help planning your contest

From initial concept and contest rules to contest fulfillment.

Frequently asked questions

We answer your questions on prize indemnity insurance

  • How much experience does Aviva have insuring contests?

    Our partners at Wayfarer Insurance Group have over 25 years of experience in this niche market.

    What kind of events and prizes does this insurance cover?

    Prize indemnity insurance is ideal for promoters of all types of events where you're awarding large prizes in random draws or skill-based contests.  Whether you're hosting a rapid-fire hockey challenge, an Unlock the Visible Vault sweepstakes, or a spinning wheel game of chance, this insurance covers you against the risk of making an actual payout if a contestant wins. Programs are customized based on customers' specific needs, from small social clubs or charities all the way to iconic Canadian sports teams.

    How do you decide on my premium?

    Our partners at Wayfarer Insurance Group customize programs from the initial concept and contest rules through to coverage and implementation. If there’s a way to determine the odds for a contest or large prize, it’s likely that they can apply probability (mathematical odds) to develop an insurance program for it.

    Actuaries compute the statistical odds of success in a contest and put controls and rules in place to protect against a participant gaining an unfair advantage. The premium you pay reflects the overall risk of a payout.

    What's the biggest prize we can insure?

    You can offer up to $1 million in prizes knowing they’re covered if a contestant wins. 

    What's included for my premium? Do I get anything else besides coverage for the prize?

    Customers get help planning their contest, from initial concept and contest rules through to coverage and implementation. Customers enjoy enormous positive public attention for a fraction of the prize cost. Our partners at Wayfarer Insurance Group bring over 25 years of experience in this niche market. 

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Get expertise for your prize indemnity insurance needs from coverages, pricing options, claims support and discounts. 

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