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We insure over 860,000 homes across Canada

Whether you use your cottage for the summer, as a year-round second home, or you rent it out, our insurance coverage is designed for the cottage lifestyle.

Choose the right coverage

Enjoy standard features and choose from optional types of coverage*

Available discounts

Discounts are available for:

  • Being claims free
  • Insuring  your home, vehicle and cottage insurance policies with us
  • Having  safety devices such as heat sensor, water alarm, power outage detector, and burglar alarm

Standard coverage

Aviva’s cottage insurance is ideal for:

  • Cabin in the woods
  • Island property
  • Waterfront
  • Log construction
  • Seasonal


Cottage policies include:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost
  • Single Policy Limit coverage
  • Rental income protection
  • Coverage for docks, hot tubs and sheds
  • Coverage for damage by bears, squirrels and raccoons
  • Debris removal
  • Lock replacement
  • Frozen food replacement
  • Interested Party Rate Protector 
  • Coverage for fire department charges

Optional coverages

Need enhanced coverage? Customize your policy with these add-ons.

To learn more about these options contact your insurance representative.

Wet boathouse coverage

Cover your wet boathouse with a choice of deductible.

Watercraft coverage

Coverage for damage to your watercraft, plus liability.

Septic and sump pit back-up coverage

Rental coverage and income protection for up to 180 days

The cottage insurance you need

With Aviva's seasonal home insurance, you'll get:

Coverage for a wide range of properties

Summer cottages, year-round second homes, log cabins, even cottages on an island.

Coverage for different types of ownership

Canadian or non-Canadian owners, rental properties, and multiple ownership, with no need to insure your primary home with us.

Coverage for rental properties

You can rent out your property, safe in the knowledge that rental income is protected and your liability is covered for items on your property – including watercraft.

Frequently asked questions

We answer your questions on cottage insurance

I rent my cottage out for part of the year. Does your policy cover me for the time that I rent it out?

Yes, our cottage policies include rental income and liability coverage for items on the property, including watercraft while the property is being rented out for up to 30 days per year. And, you can extend this coverage up to 180 days.

Does your policy cover property damage caused by wildlife?

Yes, our cottage insurance policy covers property damage caused by wildlife not typically covered in other policies such as bears, squirrels and raccoons.

What does Aviva’s cottage insurance policy cover that I wouldn’t get if I insure my cottage under a home policy?

Our cottage insurance policy provides coverage specifically designed for the cottage lifestyle. Coverage such as renting to others and property damage caused by wildlife are included in every cottage policy. We also have optional coverage for a wet boathouse, which is not available on a standard home policy.

Do I have to have my home insurance with Aviva to get a cottage insurance policy?

You can get just a cottage insurance policy with us. If you do insure your home or car with us, you could get an additional discount on both policies.*

I have a mortgage on my cottage. If my cottage has to be rebuilt after a covered claim and interest rates go up, will I have to pay the extra interest?

Our cottage policy includes Interested Party Rate Protector coverage. This means that any extra costs to refinance the property if interest rates go up are covered.

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*Availability and pricing vary by province. Please contact your insurance broker for more information.