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Optional coverages

Need enhanced coverage? Customize your policy with these add-ons.

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Premises Liability coverage

Up to $5 million - helps protect you from legal action related to injury or property damage while guests are in the cottage or on the property.

Septic back-up coverage

Wet boathouse coverage

Watercraft coverage

Rental coverage and income protection for up to 180 days

Combine and save

Enjoy the added convenience of aligned renewal dates and receive your policies in a single envelope when you combine your home and auto insurance policies. You’ll also enjoy additional coverage and extra savings.

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The cottage insurance you need

With Aviva's seasonal home insurance, you'll get:

Coverage for a wide range of properties

Summer cottages, year-round second homes, log cabins, even cottages on an island.

Coverage for different types of ownership

Canadians and non-Canadian residents, rental properties, co-owners and multiple owners, with no need to insure your primary home with us.

Coverage for rental properties

You can rent your property to others, safe in the knowledge that rental income is protected and liability covered for items on your property – including watercraft.

Frequently asked questions

We answer your questions on cottage insurance

I rent my cottage part of the year. Can I get coverage for the time I'm renting it out?

We cover different types of cottage ownership: Canadians and non-Canadian residents, rental properties, co-owners and multiple owners, with no need to insure their primary home with us.

You can rent your property to others knowing that rental income is protected and liability covered for items on the property, including watercraft. And, you can extend this coverage up to 180 days.

What kind of cottages do you cover?

There’s coverage for a wide variety of properties: summer cottages, year-round second homes, log cabins, even cottages on an island.

Do you cover property damage by wildlife?

Over and above standard protection, we cover damage caused by bears, squirrels and raccoons.

I'm renovating my cottage. Do I have to update my coverage?

Cottages are often getting fixed up or renovated and that’s OK with us. Our coverage allows for small improvements, and you can add specific protection for larger projects.

Isn't my cottage already covered under my home insurance policy?

No, your cottage requires its own insurance.

Do I have to have my home insurance with Aviva to get a cottage insurance policy?

It's possible to insure just your cottage with us. However, you can save money on your premium if you have your home or vehicle insured with us too.

I have a mortgage on my cottage. What if I have to refinance it at a higher interest rate after it was rebuilt in a claim?

All of our policies for cottages include no-charge Interested Party Rate Protector, which covers any extra costs to refinance the property if interest rates go up.

What is covered, other than the cottage itself?

Protection is included for items like docks, hot tubs and sheds. You can add coverage for septic back-up, wet boathouse, and watercraft.

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