How a driving app can tailor your insurance premium to your driving habits and increase your car insurance savings

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Aviva’s “Skills that lower your bills” series helps you understand telematics and ways it can help you save on insurance. “How a driving app can tailor your insurance premium to your driving habits” joins companion stories, "The speed bumps to using a driving discount app", and "A seven-day journey with a driving discount app".

Using your driving skills to lower your insurance bills

We’re back at it. After a long period of a slow-moving life during a global pandemic, more of us are heading out on the roads to explore the world, while also being called back to the workplace and its subsequent commute. As we dust off our vehicles, we notice that rising gas prices seem to have moved the cost of driving over to the passing lane. Though driving has become pricey, insurance is one way to slow the costs down. Through telematics, a usage-based driving app, you can use your driving data to tailor your insurance premiums based on how well you drive. In short, you can use your skills to lower your bills.
How your premiums are set, and how you can tailor them

How your premiums are set, and how you can tailor them

Typically, your premium is determined by your demographic, make and model of your vehicle, driving and claim history and how much you drive. Aside from your driving and claim history, you couldn’t control your premium…no matter how safely you drive. But with Aviva Journey (a usage-based driving app), you can prove that you are a low-risk policyholder who deserves a discount for your positive road habits.

How Aviva Journey works

Simply put, the Aviva Journey app uses the sensors on your smartphone to score your driving habits. They’re measured by:

Safe speeds – driving within posted speed limits on a consistent basis

Smoothness and control - Accelerating, braking, and cornering your car smoothly and with control

Attentiveness - Staying focused on the road and avoiding smartphone use while in the car

Improve your auto insurance rates and premiums

Just by signing up, you’ll get an instant 10% discount on your premium. Based on your driving scores for the year, you can be eligible for up to a 20% discount on your next renewal. It’s important to remember that a poor driving score can mean an increase of up to 5%. But you’re in complete control. The app’s dashboard provides real time data, so you always know how to improve upon those habits which can lower your score.

Steps to enrolling in Aviva Journey

Step One: Sign up with your broker - whether you’re an existing or a new Aviva customer.

Step Two: Download the app, set up your account, and activate the program with your personal activation code.

Step Three: Drive safely and start getting rewarded with discounts and better insurance rates.

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