Smart boats: charting a course to the future

A tight shot of a person at the wheel of a contemporary cabin cruiser

Boats have come a long way. A much longer way than John Cabot’s 1497 journey from England to Newfoundland. Boats have travelled a lot of distance…over a long period of time. In fact, the world’s oldest boat can be traced as far back as 8040-7500 BC with the discovery of the Pesse canoe in the Netherlands. There’s also an Azerbaijani rock carving dating back to 10,000 BC that depicts a rowing ship. Fast forward to today, with smart technology innovation, boats have come a real long way. Technology is charting a course unlike any other with new products and systems in the boat industry.  

Keeping an eye on things – smart monitoring and data tracking

No matter how much they love the water, boat owners have been known to go and live on land now and again. But with digital systems, boaters can stay connected to their boat no matter where they are. With smart monitoring and digital tracking, they can control systems on their boats like battery switches, lights, AC, etc. Connected cameras and sensors on board allow boat owners to keep an eye on things, typically via a smart device app for boat documentation. On top of that, boat owners can rely on technology systems that alert them to fire, high water, bilge problems, power loss, theft, etc. More than just safety monitoring, boaters can know the status of their boats, like gas levels, water tank levels, and engine power and battery condition so they can best prepare for their next water adventure.

Relying on more than the stars – navigation with smart boats

With smart technology, boaters can chart a new course on their marina excursions. GPS navigation can provide real-time weather monitoring and some digital systems are capable of route planning. You can also record your boat trips for future use. Through smart connectivity, boaters have better communication with other boaters and onshore services like ports and docks. Plus, there continues to be advancement in autonomous technology features that can guide boats through locks and assist in docking.

Looking at the tomorrow’s digital charts – the future of boating

In safety, comfort and ease, smart boat innovation will transport boaters to new places, so they can enjoy the water in the ways that suit them best. Upgrading or switching to electronics can transform the boating experience. Whether it’s a simple digital system added to an older boat, or a new boat one outfitted with the latest tech, people who love boating will find smoother waters to travel.

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