An electrifying ride

A motorcyclist enjoying a ride on an electric motorcycle.

Plugging into the future with electric motorcycles

It’s a feeling of total liberation. You feel the air whipping by as the landscape passes along with it. The open road charges your senses, but it’s a little different this time. Without the rumble of the engine, you feel a different sensation with the road. The sound of the world around you comes alive in the silent running of the electrically propelled ride.

A different kind of ride

Just give the throttle a twist, and you’ll feel the instant torque pull your way toward the open road. With no clutch or gear box, you’ll notice the difference between electric motorcycles and the traditional gas-powered bike. Plus, without the constant piston rumble of the engine, electric motorcycles provide a highly unique experience. Because of these differences, it’s suggested that you take it slow when you throw your leg over an electric motorcycle. Get a feel for it in an empty parking lot or low traffic streets before taking on a big ride.

The benefits of electric motorcycles

Zero emissions: riding doesn’t produce carbon emissions, making for an environmentally friendly road adventure.

No moving parts: without a traditional engine, there is less wear and tear and lower maintenance costs.

The drawbacks of electric motorcycles

Higher purchase price: at the moment, they are more expensive than traditional bikes, but those costs can be offset by maintenance and fuel savings.

Range anxiety: Electric motorcycles have a limited driving range between and charging stations aren’t as numerous as traditional gas stations, causing some concern among riders.

Additional weight: The batteries on electric motorcycles tend to be quite heavy and the motorcycles themselves have a higher centre of gravity.

The future of electric motorcycles

Battery advancements happen every day in the EV and electric motorcycle world, allowing for greater range. On top of that, industry is exploring wireless charging, making it easier to ride in and out of your garage or parking lot. Lastly, research is currently being conducted on Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) technology, which would allow electric motorcycles to be charged while on the road. Finally, some of the world’s largest manufacturers have announced the intent to work together and develop shared battery cell and charging technology.

It's an exciting time of innovation for electric motorcycles. Though a different experience than gas-powered motorcycles, they still deliver the excitement and freedom that make for a great motorcycle lifestyle

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