Get on the road to rewards with Aviva Journey

A person in a car’s driver’s seat, being handed a coffee at the window of a coffee shop drive-thru window.

Enjoy the rewards of responsible driving

Want a fast way to a free coffee? Driving the speed limit can score you a free java, and maybe a scone too. Want to make a quick turn to free meal? Smooth cornering can put the plate on your table. Want free online retail products to make a quick stop at your door? Easy braking can get it delivered. Not only will safe driving help you earn a discount on your insurance, with the all-new Aviva Journey Rewards, it’ll help you earn points for eGift cards.

An Aviva Journey Refresher

Launched in May 2022, Aviva Journey uses a mobile app that tracks your good driving habits and the behaviours that need improvement. The app records driving data like speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and phone usage, then gives you a score and personalized feedback to help you adjust your habits. So far, 98% of Aviva users are on track to an insurance discount for an average annual savings of $350.

How to earn and redeem rewards points:

If you’re an Aviva Journey user, simply update your app and rewards will be automatically added.

  1. Drive safely, tracking 10 trips or more and accumulating 100 km or more in the month.
  2. At the beginning of the next month, check the Rewards screen in the app and see if you’ve earned points for safe driving.
  3. In the Rewards screen in the app, you can use your points towards eGift cards to a wide selection of retailers.
  4. Your eGift cards will be sent to your email inbox shortly after you’ve redeemed them.

How to enroll in Aviva Journey and start earning insurance savings and rewards

To join, contact your broker to sign up. Download the app, set up your account, and activate the program with your personal activation code. You’ll automatically earn a 10% enrollment discount* and you’ll get on the road to rewards. 

*For full terms and conditions for Aviva Journey, please refer to the Terms of use.

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