Signs that point to savings – How Aviva Journey drivers are earning a car insurance discount

A highway sign with the amount of savings from Aviva Journey

As part of our ongoing commitment to safer driving and car insurance savings, we’re spreading the word on the ways Aviva Journey can help drivers. From stories that dispel some myths to videos on how it works, along with articles like this, we’re well on the road to helping drivers. 

Congratulations to the thousands of enrolled Aviva Journey drivers who are using the app to track their good driving habits, earn a good score, and get some savings on their premiums. More importantly, by being more mindful of good driving, they’re helping to keep the roads safe for other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians out on the streets. It’s only been a year, but we’re seeing some great signs in the results.

Sign one: 98% – The percentage of drivers who save

A whopping 98% of drivers who have enrolled in Journey are tracking towards a discount. We understand that a lot of people would be worried that the app would catch and record poor driving behaviours. But the results show that nearly all users benefit from the app. Plus, the 2% who don’t get a discount always have the opportunity to improve their habits, because they can always check their score to know how they can improve their driving…which is not only good for them, but everyone else on or around the road.

Sign two: $350 – Pocketing a few extra dollars

The average yearly savings Aviva Journey drivers earn for their safe driving is around $350*. That’s real money that could make for a great night out at a high-end restaurant, an entry level gaming system, a down payment for an all-inclusive vacation, or any other way you can think to spend it.

Sign three: 13% – The average discount for drivers

The average discount for Aviva Journey drivers is around 13%*. That’s a great result for an app in its first year, considering that drivers are relatively new to the experience and are still exploring ways to make the most out of the app, adapt their driving habits, and work towards achieving a maximum potential savings of 20%.

Follow the signs

More and more drivers are taking the onramp to insurance savings. It’s showing in our results, and it will start to show on the roads, as we all pay greater attention to safer driving. 

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