Protecting Blogs

A close up image of a group of people using their computers and smart phones in a coffee shop.

31 Jul 2023

Cybersecurity – How cyber criminals will try to defraud you

A photo of a late 20’s man sitting on a sofa with a laptop.

31 Jul 2023

Should I be afraid of AI?

A close up image of a person using a computer tablet.

31 Jul 2023

Cyber protection tips: 10 ways to ensure your cyber security

Person looking at cellphone while receiving an incoming scam call

25 Jun 2023

Beware of suspicious telephone calls

Individual wearing a hoodie, no face visible, hunched over laptop

2 Jun 2023

Cybersecurity – What you need to know to keep safe online

Man shaking someone’s hand across a desk.

11 Apr 2023

Beware of fake Aviva-branded investment opportunities

Male sitting at table with laptop looking reviewing paperwork

19 Jan 2023

GST/HST numbers, tax fraud, and tax evasion: What you need to know about fraud when paying invoices

Close up of a water pipe

9 Dec 2022

How to prevent water leaks in your home

Lit up house on a snowy winter night

9 Dec 2022

Preventing home burglary and water damage while you escape the cold

Cables plugged into a power strip

9 Dec 2022

Prevent house fires: How can you prevent accidental fires at home

Orange gift, with tag, beside a snow globe and small toy house with candles and lanterns in the background.

7 Dec 2022

Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas – What you need to know to keep Santa’s gifts safe!

Male mechanic with wrench working underneath a vehicle

22 Sep 2022

Catalytic converters: What you need to know about catalytic converter theft