VIDEO - Refresh your smarts for safe winter driving

Multiple cars on a busy highway in the winter.

Weather conditions can be unpredictable, placing extra demands on our vehicles and driving skills.  A few simple tips, however, will help to prepare for the often hazardous conditions that lie in the months ahead. 

Top tips for safe winter driving:

  • The first step in safe winter driving is to give yourself more time and slow down. Most winter collisions occur when drivers do not allow for enough time or distance to brake effectively. 
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you in case you have to brake suddenly on a slippery surface.
  • Get your vehicle winter-ready with a maintenance check-up.
  • Make sure you have sufficient windshield washer fluid in the reservoir and keep an extra jug in the vehicle.
  • Clear snow and ice from all windows, lights, mirrors, and the roof.
  • Install winter tires before winter begins. Winter tires are often not available later in the season. If re-using tires, check them to see if it is time to replace them. 
  • Remember to check tire air pressure frequently, as it decreases in cold weather. 
  • Prepare a car emergency kit. Having essential supplies can provide some comfort and safety for you and your passengers should you become stranded.

Click here for a video on how to easily prepare a car emergency kit this winter.

More information is available from your insurance broker or online at

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