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Rain barrel collecting rain water from downspout.

10 Jul 2024

How rainwater harvesting can help you save water and the environment

A man on a boat

28 Jun 2024

Three of the most common boating insurance claims. (And what you can do to help avoid them.)

Father and daughter wearing life jackets on a small boat enjoying a day out on the water.

26 Jun 2024

Boat safety this summer

Parents supervising children in the pool, children wearing safety vest

25 Jun 2024

Safe pool: Swimming pool safety is all about awareness

A cottager sitting on a chair using a smart electronic device

11 Jun 2024

New tech meets nature – Smart seasonal homes and cottages

A woman vacuuming a rug in her condo living room.

6 May 2024

Condo owner maintenance checklist

Happy couple lookout the window of their condo unit.

6 May 2024

Downsizing from house to condo

A father and son switching out a traditional light bulb with an LED energy-efficient light bulb.

6 May 2024

Tips for sustainable living at home

A happy couple enjoying a sunny afternoon on their living room couch in their condo

6 May 2024

What is condo insurance?

Smoke rising from fireplace

26 Mar 2024

Fire safety and efficient home heating

Man working on water pipes

26 Mar 2024

Home maintenance questions to ask


26 Mar 2024

Protect your home while you escape the cold