Build a plan for a smart renovation

Couple lying on floor with home renovation tools surrounding them

A recent survey by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation found that over 37 percent of households in ten Canadian markets renovated their home. The same survey found that 0ver 65% of households used a contractor to do all, or at least some, of their renovations.

Everyone has heard a construction/contractor horror story, either through a friend, family member or on a home improvement television program. Whether it is work not performed to code or customer specifications, projects taking longer than expected, or costs going way over budget, home renovations can be a stressful endeavour.  

“Spending thousands of dollars on your home is a big decision, so selecting the right contractor is an important step,” said Glenn Cooper from Aviva Canada. “And while stories of renovation headaches are frequent, there are thousands of reputable contractors out there. A little preparation beforehand will certainly ease the stress.”

Cooper offers these renovation tips to ensure homeowners finish their renovation projects with better success:

  • Connect with previous customers:  Ask your friends for referrals of contractors that they’ve used, especially on similar projects.  Request additional referrals from possible candidates.
  •  Look for consistency and permanence:  The ideal service provider has a physical business office and address and has been in business for a number of years under the same name.
  • Do a legal check:  Ensure contractors are licensed by your province and that they have insurance, meaning they are covered if they are injured during the project.
  • Notify your insurerContact your insurance broker to discuss if any of the renovations will require an adjustment to your home policy.

By following these simple tips, you’ll finish your renovation projects with success. 

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