New tech meets nature – Smart seasonal homes and cottages

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A group of little embers fly up as little pockets of steam in the logs crackle and pop. Far from the light of the city, the stars cover the sky like a quilt, and the lake beside you is illuminated by dappled moonlight. It’s a primal and ancient experience, going back half a million years when humans first began controlling and using fire. Though they lacked the words, the feelings of wonder are mutual. Their nights ended with a return to the cave, ours can end by entering a cottage or cabin loaded with tomorrow’s tech.

Creatures and creature comforts

For the cottage and cabin purist, nothing beats getting out into the wild and resting their heads in a rustic abode, equipped with only beds, lamplight, and a wood stove. However, there is a good argument for modern comforts. You can still have great adventures in nature, spotting dashing deer, lumbering moose, or busy beavers scurrying in a stream, then spend your evenings in a cottage or cabin loaded with smart features. Enjoy both worlds, with the woodland creatures and creature comforts of top-notch technology.

What is a smart cottage or cabin?

A smart cottage or cabin is just like smart home, but with brook trout as your closest neighbours…if your great escape happens to be near a wilderness river. In short, it’s simply a home equipped with smartphone or tablet-controlled devices. These devices can include smart lighting, heating, security, sensors, appliances, and more.

Smart when you’re away from your cottage or cabin

You’ll get peace of mind knowing whether it’s a curious family of fawns at your cottage or cabin door or any other activity. With smart alarms and security cameras, you can get remote real time alerts and video feeds, giving you a constant eye on your getaway. If there’s a plumbing issue, you can be alerted with a smart leak detector. You can also use a smart lock that allows you to go keyless and control your door remotely.   

Smart when you’re enjoying your cottage or cabin

Your smartphone or tablet can be your control centre. Control the lights, adjust your smart thermostat, change songs on your smart speakers, or brew a cup of coffee…all without moving a muscle from your Muskoka chair. Sensors can also detect when you enter a room, automatically setting the lighting or temperature to your preferences. Running low on ice cream for the fresh strawberries you picked up at the farmer’s market? A smart refrigerator will give you a heads up.

Smart for your boat

If you have a boat docked at your cottage or cabin, it too can be outfitted with similar smart features – especially beneficial when you’re away from it. Security cameras and sensors can alert you to suspicious activities. Smart systems can also provide high water alarms, bilge pump monitors, battery charge level indicators, and more.

How to make your cottage or cabin smart

It can be as easy as screwing in a smart lightbulb. If you have an internet connection, you can create the ambience you want with a simple voice command to your smart phone, tablet, or smart speaker, “…dim the lights to 64.3%”. From there, you can begin to install more advanced systems like smart thermostats, smart security cameras, or even smart refrigerators or washing machines. The world is getting smarter every day, and so can your great escape.

Be smart with your rest and relaxation

The purpose of your nature getaway is to get away – from work, worry, and life’s general hurly burly. When you’re away, make it more effortless with smart technology that makes the many little things way easier to do.

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