Dreaming of a home reno?

A couple in their living room, pondering new design ideas for the space.

“What if?” It’s a question that pops with possibilities. Look around your home, let your inspiration wander, and dream about the opportunities. Your home transforms in your mind, as you imagine all that it can be. Here are a few ideas and trends to jumpstart the dreaming stage of your major home renovation.

Open floor plans –   Explore new design possibilities: Open up your spaces and connect the people within them. Removing the barriers between rooms like the kitchen, dining area, and living room brings in a seamless flow while instigating social interactions from the oven, plate, and to the after-dinner coffee on the living room sofa.

Sustainable building – Go green in any colour: Recycle where possible, source locally, and use sustainable building material like bamboo. Give your home reno dreams a green tint.

Biophilic design – Bringing the outside in: A growing trend in homes, biophilic design incorporates natural elements into the home, through transitional spaces, plant walls, water features, and more. A classic example of this style can be seen in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water.

Multi-function rooms – Create a Swiss Army knife of spaces: Rising home costs, interests bumping upwards, hybrid working and other societal shifts have more homeowners doing more at home with less. You can create spaces that do double or triple duty to maximize your living, working and entertaining potential.

Kitchen upgrades – Cook up fresh ideas: From double islands, sink workstations, butler pantries, and countless other kitchen trends, there is a lot you can do to shake up a tired kitchen layout and design. A consistent trend, regardless of design style, is the kitchen’s continued transition from a cooking space to a social space.

Bathroom upgrades – Bring the spa home: Bathrooms are becoming the zen space for relaxation and time well spent. Soaker tubs, floating vanities, natural and earthy materials, integrated smart technology (voice-activate lighting, smart mirrors with built-displays, etc), and clean, modern lines create a relaxing space to start, break-up, or end a day.

Stay tuned for our fall story on “Planning your home reno”, and if you’re dreaming about a major reno, talk to your broker to ensure that you’re covered. 

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