RV travelling: Let’s see what’s up with the RV World

A Class C RV travels down a wilderness highway with fir trees lining the roadway

It’s true, during the lockdowns of the pandemic, a lot of people had the same brilliant idea, “If I need to be stuck at home, then I’m going to put my home onto the road and take it everywhere I go”. Even under normal circumstances, that’s the beauty of RV living. It’s more than living. It’s RV moving, travelling, and experiencing. More people recognized that truth about RVs during the pandemic, and it was evident in the sales, the low stock on the RV lots, and production wait times. We witnessed the RV market explode with more people adopting the lifestyle.

Cooling off

However, on an anecdotal level, we’ve noticed a return of inventory at the RV shows we’ve attended. The new RV sales of the early 2020’s has lost a bit of its heat but we continue to see active interest of new RVers getting into this space. The RV owners that the industry picked up during the pandemic are keeping their toy boxes full. They got a taste of that lifestyle and decided that they liked it.

Really “remote” work

An interesting evolution derived from the pandemic is the shift in the traditional work week. Though the need to isolate has waned, remote work has remained in various forms. The RV industry has acknowledged this shift and are developing more floorplans that integrate office spaces. This means that RV enthusiasts can work remotely in their RVs in a leisurely way and maximize the rest of their RV vacation by experiencing nature and fun.

A “current” trend

As most automakers prepare for Canada’s Electric Vehicle (EV) mandates, we’re seeing RV manufacturers introduce Class B EVs in their lineup. It’s a positive development because we all want the great outdoors to remain just that. Climate change threatens that, so we all need to minimize our carbon footprint. But as we see that develop, we’ll watch innovations in battery technology that will positively impact how we power our RVs. So it’s certainly an exciting time.

Tomorrow’s open road

We have lots to look forward to. The road ahead is clear for smooth RV driving. And it’ll be a marvel to witness the trips ahead. To get a taste of those RV journeys and other lifestyles experiences, visit the Fun Side of Life.

When it comes to protecting your RV and all the ways you use it, you have lots of options and flexibility. For more information, visit aviva.ca/RVLife.

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