Dreaming. Planning. Building. Step by step to get your reno rolling

A couple in their living room, pondering new design ideas for the space.

Life changes, circumstances change, and you change. Sometimes your home needs to change with it. Whether it’s a home addition to make room for a growing family, creating new office space for remote work, or converting your bathroom into a personal spa oasis, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve done everything right, every step of the way. Check all the boxes on every stage, from dreaming, planning, and building.

Dreaming: Turn your old home into your dream home

This is the fun part. Imagine a new ensuite bathroom that transports you to blissful Zen. Cook up great times with friends and family in a kitchen designed for socializing. Discover strange, new ideas like Biophilic Design. Your home is your oyster and it’s filled with pearls of inspiration. Let your mind wander all over the place. However, dreaming isn’t all fun and flippancy. It’s a serious step in your home renovation. Careful calculations must be made so that everything you hope to achieve aligns with the budget you’re willing to set aside. You also want to ensure that it’s a dream that you can live in for years to come.

Planning: Measure twice, cut once

It’s time to put pen to paper. A thoroughly thought-out plan will ensure a smoother execution. Solidify a budget that can manage the job and can cover any unforeseen costs. Develop a schedule that gets you what you need, when you need it – avoiding any costly delays. Hire the right people who have the right licences, a proven track record, and who you can trust. Make sure that you investigate any municipal approvals you may require, what does and doesn’t require a permit, and do your diligence to acquire them. Lastly, inform your insurance company about your reno plans, and inquire if your policy covers it or if you need additional coverage.

Building: Real life Lego

No matter how well you’ve planned your major home reno, there are some things to keep an eye on and prepare for during the building phase of your project. Cost overruns are one of the most common issues home renovators face when construction is underway. In addition, the weather might not cooperate, supply chain issues can get in the way of material delivery, contractor scheduling issues can arise, and more issues can cause delays. Another thing to prepare for is hidden structural issues that are discovered in the renovation process. When work gets underway on your home, it’s critical that you stay engaged, informed, and flexible, because these and other unforeseen issues can potentially arise.

Enjoying: Basking in the glow of your reno

The last stage of your reno – enjoying it. But before you do, always make sure that you’ve reported the changes in your home to your home insurance provider…that way you’ll be confident knowing that everything new is properly covered and protected.

Check out our most recent reno story “Dreaming of a home reno”, and if you’re about to embark on a major reno, talk to your broker to ensure that you’re covered. 

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