5 best snowmobile trails in Canada

Snowmobile treading through the snow

If there’s one thing we can boast about in this country, it’s the plentiful opportunities to enjoy snowmobiling across incredibly varied landscapes. Dense forests, huge mountains, long and winding coastal terrain—it’s all there for you to discover on your sled.

Here’s a round-up of outstanding trails you don’t want to miss.

British Columbia: Valemount

The village of Valemount, about an hour’s drive from Jasper National Park, is known for its hospitality, especially toward visiting snowmobilers who flock to the area every winter. With a robust local sledding community, you’ll have all the resources you need to head out on the trails for days at a time, if you wish. Travelling from out of province? You can easily rent a machine that suits your needs.

The terrain on four notable trails (Allan Creek, Clemina Creek, Chappell Creek and Westridge Family Loop) include lakes, bowls, meadows and steep hills. You can even get in some robust tree riding. The area is alive with breathtaking views you simply don’t get in other seasons.

Alberta: Athabasca

Looking for easily accessible, long and smooth trails to enjoy the crisp outdoors? The town of Athabasca, nestled on the shores of Alberta’s longest river, is the home of world-class snowmobiling. With hundreds of kilometres of trails, you can customize a trip for a few hours or several days that will have you sledding along all kinds of terrain.

The three most popular trails are the Bilsky Loop, Spotted Horse Lake and Banana Lake. You’ll pass through boreal forest, river valleys and into dense forest. With a community that caters to sledders, there are warm-up areas, cabins and fire pits available for taking a break at many of the staging areas.

Ontario: Cochrane

If you want a snowmobile trail In Ontario that’ll keep you busy for days, you’ve got to head north. Way north. Cochrane is a bustling community of 5,000 located northeast of Timmins. There are lots of places to stay, eat, warm up and get information about the abundance of nearby trails, including the North Adventure Inn which boasts four “igloos” and a sled garage for your gear.

When it’s time to head out, you’ll have plenty of options on the 1,645 km Northern Corridor snow tour with looping trails that can take you to Abitibi Canyon, Greenwater Provincial Park, Hearst and beyond. The trails are known for their meticulous grooming, so every ride should be smooth and enjoyable.

Quebec: The Laurentians

La belle province is home to snowmobile-friendly landscapes and people. In fact, one of the first snowmobiling clubs in the world began in the Laurentians. In the heart of ski country, it’s easy to reach via Mont-Tremblant International Airport and there are plenty of accommodations and gear rentals available.

With more than 2,400 km of trails to cover, there’s no time to waste once you arrive. Chute de Windigo boasts beautiful falls on Devil’s Mountain. An old railway line provides stunning scenery on the Linear Park trail. And Labelle allows you to pass through charming villages and natural wonders.

Newfoundland and Labrador

This small(er) but mighty province welcomes visitors from all over the world in spring and summer, but its winter attractions are something to discover. Sledders can enjoy the majesty of a coastal view before they disappear into untouched forests and uncover centuries-old fjords.

With well-groomed trails throughout the province, there are plenty of opportunities to explore various landscapes. Check out Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne National Park, the only national park in the country that allows snowmobilers. You’ll find an incredible natural water fjord with walls about 2,000 ft. high. Powder Playground, just outside the park is also a must-see destination, known for its deep powder and wildlife watching opportunities.

No matter where you set out this winter, be sure to have a plan, a well-serviced snowmobile and the right gear to keep you safe and warm. There’s no limit to the fun you can have!

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