Driving Blogs

A highway sign with the amount of savings from Aviva Journey

21 Mar 2023

Signs that point to savings – How Aviva Journey drivers are earning a car insurance discount

Driving instructor teaching new driver how to drive in a car

15 Jan 2023

Car insurance for first-time drivers

Family loading luggage into a rental vehicle

15 Jan 2023

Does personal car insurance cover rental?

Driver taking business call beside parked car

15 Jan 2023

Does my personal car insurance cover business use?

Smashed side quarter glass car window

15 Jan 2023

Is personal property covered under car insurance?

Ride-share driver in vehicle with smiling passenger in the back seat

15 Jan 2023

Personal auto insurance for ride-share drivers

12 Dec 2022

Don't let your vehicle catch a cold

A cheerful woman driving to work

21 Nov 2022

Work commute changed? You may need to update your insurance too

A happy couple in the front seat of a car, enjoying life’s journeys while the driver still maintains focus and attention on good driving

28 Sep 2022

A seven-day journey to good driving habits with a driving discount app

A closeup image of a driver, calmly and carefully adjusting her rear view mirror to ensure a safe journey

28 Sep 2022

Giving the green light - easing your hesitation about insurance driving apps

A close-up image of a driver, with the seatbelt on, and with hands firmly on the wheel in the correct driving position to ensure good driving

28 Sep 2022

How a driving app can tailor your insurance premium to your driving habits and increase your car insurance savings

15 Aug 2022

Electric vehicles environmental impact