Aviva Journey driving app is now one and our users are thriving

A mother putting a joyous one year old in a car seat.

The app is up and walking and ready to run

It’s true what they say…they grow up fast. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s already been a year since we launched Aviva Journey – the driving app that inspires good habits in drivers and rewards them with an insurance discount. From the moment the insurance app it entered our world to where it has grown today, we couldn’t be more proud of all the developments with the app.

Pride in our brokers, customers, and employees

First, we’d like to give a shout out to our brokers who helped in spreading the Aviva Journey word to their Aviva customers. We’ve seen great growth because of their efforts and tremendous support. 

To the Aviva Journey drivers, thank you for being you. Sure, discounts are great, but every time you review your score, recognize how to improve, and do exactly that, you make the road that much safer for everyone you share it with.

It was all made possible by our employees who were there from the beginning. Bringing Aviva Journey to life took a lot of time, expertise, and effort. Ensuring it grew required the same. It’s that continued support by all of our employees that made this first year even better.

Remarkable milestones for the app

Like height marks on the door frame, we’re seeing great growth in Aviva Journey’s app development. As of its first birthday, 99% of Journey users are tracking for a discount on their insurance premiums. The average discount is 12%, which translates to an average of $350 per driver in annual insurance savings. Again, most importantly, this growth in app use means that there are less dangers on our roads. We look forward to the years ahead of more savings and safer driving through this program.

A year of learning with the many drivers who use the app

We’ve learned a lot over the past 12 months of using the app. We’re seeing that most people have yet to take advantage of Aviva Journey or driving apps like it. In Ontario, our studies indicated 80% of drivers have never used an insurance discount app., however, two out of three consumers find the Aviva Journey app appealing. We look forward to learning more and making improvements within the app as we continue to grow.

Ready to run with the app

Aviva Journey found its footing, is standing up right, and walking confidently. After a full year of growth, the app is ready to run. We can’t wait to see how our insurance brokers and drivers run along with the new driving insurance app updates. So please keep an eye out for future enhancements as we strive to make Aviva Journey the best-in-class car insurance app of its kind in Canada.

To learn more visit https://www.aviva.ca/en/journey. Here you can find instructional videos, FAQs and much more about the Aviva Journey program.

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