Are you following these Safe Driving tips?

Driving down a road in rainy weather

To keep yourself and your family safe this season, bare the below tips in mind so you can arrive safely wherever you’re going. 

1. Leave the Phone Alone

The number of distracted driving accidents is trending upwards and the increased use of handheld devices is often cited as a contributor. Many of us are glued to our phones all day, so it takes a conscious effort to leave it alone once you get behind the wheel. Consider placing your phone somewhere out of reach, like in the backseat of your car. If you’re expecting an emergency call, pull over to take it. All other calls can wait. 

2. Be Prepared

Your phone isn’t the only thing that can be a distraction. If you’re using the GPS, take a minute to set your destination before you hit the road. Eating, grooming, adjusting your clothing and music are all innocent tasks that can raise your risk of getting into an accident. Pick your playlist before you drive, get comfortable in your seat and if you get hungry on the road, take 15 minutes to pull over and enjoy your snack. 

3. Keep Your Eyes On the Road

Pets can be lovely travel companions but if your pet gets rowdy on rides, place it in a carrier or a cage where they can’t startle you - you don’t want to keep looking back to see what they’re up to. Same goes for when you drop something. Unless it’s rolled under one of your pedals, just leave it. Traffic can change suddenly and ducking under to pick something up off the floor is not worth the risk. 

4. Plan a Safe Ride Home 

Holiday parties should end on a happy note. Don’t drink and drive. Do your part by arranging for a friend to pick you up, reserving a taxi in advance, or alternating designated driver duties with your partner. Some areas provide a designated driver service, where a fully insured driver will drive you home in your vehicle.

In summary, leave the phone alone, be prepared for your journey, keep your driving environment distraction free and always plan a safe ride home after a night out.

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