Get your motor running…with a mind on motorcycle safety

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You feel every cc beneath you, taking in the passing world around you, as your body moves in unison with every curve you lean into. The open road is never as open as it is on a bike. Riding offers a journey that makes you feel close to the pavement below and the horizon ahead. But what makes it an awesome experience also makes it a vulnerable experience. Riding requires a greater commitment to safety than other drivers can ever understand or appreciate.

Getting a grip on safety

Whether it’s for an urban grocery run, a day trip on a rural road, or an epic cross-country adventure, you’ll always want to:

  • Inspect your bike, including tires, brakes and oil levels. For a recap, watch this video.
  • Strap on an approved helmet as defined by the standards set out by your province or territory. Helmets accredited with ECE or FIM standards adhere to more rigorous crash scenario testing.
  • Always wear protective clothing. Specific-purpose motorcycle apparel is always an asset but at a minimum wear a long-sleeved jacket, sturdy pants, gloves, and boots that cover the ankle.
  • Make yourself visible! An effective method is to wear contrasting colors such as a white helmet if your motorcycle Is black. Some riding jackets come with reflective materials for riding at night.
  • Be mindful of your lane position to avoid other drivers’ blind spots and always complete a shoulder check on lane changes along with turn signals.
  • Assume that other drivers don’t see you; always practice defensive riding techniques and be prepared to take evasive action.
  • Make sure passengers wear an approved helmet and suitable clothing, and that they can reach and remain on the foot pegs/boards and grab handles.
  • Brush up on your skills with new training. Check out Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council’s tips on what to look for in a reputable training program

Doing the little things right

With a little spin of the wrist and the flick of the foot, riders feel the power and torque of the bike. It just takes a little gesture to feel the performance on the ride, so it’s even more important to do the little things right. We want you to enjoy the road…safely and smartly.

We hope you make the most of the upcoming riding season and that you safely throttle your way to stunning sunsets on every ride.

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