Cruising the Cabot Trail

There’s a reason Nova Scotia’s famed Cabot Trail is billed as one of North America’s premier motorcycle touring routes. There are few open roads in the world that feature breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean while winding through traditional fishing villages and offering stunning lookouts that practically plead with you to stop and enjoy the view.

Serious motorcycle enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to the 300-km coastal highway every year just to experience the thrill of twisting and turning along the coast.

Scheduling your ride

Nova Scotian motorcycling experts advise riders take two full days on the Cabot Trail. “The trail is a loop, and a true trail blazer will ride the loop clockwise and counterclockwise,” writes Antigonish, NS resident Daniel Ross aka the ‘Cabot Trail Biker’. “The second key thing about riding the trail twice is that you can stay in the same spot two nights in a row.”

Where to stay

Cape Breton Highlands National Park is located smack in the middle of the trail, allowing riders full access to the Cabot Trail plus the 949 km of gorgeous back country, including a freshwater lake and sandy ocean beaches. There are also plenty of roadside motels, inns, cottages and a number of short-term rental accommodations in the area.

Do your research to help you narrow down the many motorcycling choices. Here are some resources to get you started:

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