Providing low-cost perks to engage employees

Volunteering is a win-win

Allowing your employees some time each year for volunteer activities can go a long way, and it doesn’t affect the company’s bottom line. According to a study by Deloitte, 89% of respondents “believed that companies who sponsor volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment than those who do not”. By allowing your employees time off to volunteer for causes they are passionate about, your employees will not only feel healthier and happier, they’ll also gain a greater sense of purpose, community and goodwill towards your organization. 

Initiate a fitness subsidy

Adding a fitness subsidy to your company’s arsenal of employee perks and benefits can have numerous positive benefits. A fitness subsidy can be used to help fund a gym membership, online workout course, a new set of dumbbells, or maybe a yoga class. Whichever way your members choose to use their subsidy, for a relatively low cost per employee – say $200-$300 a year – you are encouraging your employees to engage in a more active lifestyle. Numerous studies have shown a workforce that engages in regular physical fitness activity is more engaged, has improved mental health and is overall less likely to suffer from illness.

Offer money-saving programs

Don’t underestimate the benefits of offering a good deal to employees. A group insurance plan can go a long way to giving staff a financial boost. According to Josh Reznick, AVP of Aviva Canada’s group specialty personal insurance, there has been an increase in the number of employers enrolling in group home and auto insurance plans.

“In a time where many employers are looking for more ways to connect or re-engage with their employees, setting up a Group home and auto insurance plan is a simple and cost-effective way of providing those added benefits. With an Aviva Group home and auto program, members receive preferred pricing for their personal insurance needs, as well as access to other value-added perks, such as unlimited legal and home improvement advice,” says Reznick.

Implementing a volunteer program, initiating a fitness subsidy, and enrolment in a group home and auto program all require little effort and minimal (or no) financial commitment from companies – and all are important to consider when taking care of your people and maintaining an engaged and healthy workforce.

If your company is interested in setting up a group home and auto plan, talk to your broker to get started or click here to learn more.

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