From claims to acclaim

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Thanks for choosing Aviva as Best Insurance Company and Best Car Insurance Company

We’re thrilled to announce our recent win. Toronto Star readers have spoken, and they’ve proclaimed Aviva the Best Insurance Company and Best Car Insurance Company in the Star’s 2022 Reader’s Poll.

At Aviva, we’re driven by more than just accolades and awards. Our purpose is to be “with you today for a better tomorrow”. It’s an honour to be invited into your communities, to work with your brokers, and to serve and support you to help protect the people, experiences, and things, you love most. But it sure feels nice to be recognized for it.

Being chosen by the readers from Canada’s largest daily newspaper is something to be proud of. With a distribution running from Whitby to Burlington in the south and from Milton to Georgina in the North, the paper gets in the hands of many readers across southern Ontario – not to mention its international digital reach.

Not only that, the original Superman illustrator and creator Joe Shuster modeled the Daily Planet newspaper after the Toronto Daily Star newspaper he delivered as a boy growing up in Toronto. We’re thrilled to be recognized by the readers of such a storied publication.

However, the real star will always be the customer. Meeting a customer’s needs, often during challenging times, is all the reward we need. From delivering on our promises to our commitment to a sustainable future, we will never rest with a pat on the back. Every day is another opportunity to be better.

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