Keeping Your Valuables Safe on Vacation

Summer is prime vacation season. Whether you are taking two weeks to journey through Europe or hopping across the border for an extra long weekend, keep these safety tips front of mind.

  1. Before you set off, take out a travel insurance policy and read the fine print. Electronics are typically covered to a set amount, so think twice about bringing that brand new tablet or expensive camera.
  2. Let your credit card companies know about your travel plans. In case of theft or fraud, getting your funds back may be a lot easier if they have already been informed that you are away from home.
  3. Use TSA locks for luggage and carry on items. You may have a fair bit of travel to do between the airport and your hotel room, and this extra precaution never hurt.
  4. Documentation such as travel visas and passports should be kept in a secure location like a lockbox or a safe. Be sure to leave a copy with a trusted family member or friend who can email it to you in a worst-case scenario.
  5. Use a slash proof everyday bag and never put your valuables into a backpack.
  6. Try your best to not look like a tourist. Know where you are going before you get there and leave expensive jewelry and high-end clothing at home.
  7. Carry the minimal amount of cash you will need for the day and split it between at least two locations - like a hip bag and a shirt pocket.
  8. Do not keep your wallet in the back pocket of your pants - it can be lifted in seconds with a seemingly innocent bump or shove.
  9. As payments methods have evolved, so has pickpocketing. Tap technology means that crafty thieves can charge your credit card without it ever leaving your pocket. Credit card sleeves with RFID blocking technology are a low-cost solution.
  10. Be especially vigilant at tourist attractions. As your attention is turned to taking in new sights, you will make for an easy target. Be mindful of your surroundings and stash your valuables in hard to reach places.