Leave well prepared

As your vacation is about to start, you have a light heart and you feel the call of the waves. But before taking off, you must make sure you are well prepared to travel safely.


Nice weather for a getaway?

As you know, the weather can change quickly when you are sailing, just like the condition of the water. It is therefore crucial to check the weather for the day before leaving, especially when planning a long excursion. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from someone who is familiar with your location and the waters you are about to explore. You can also check the Government of Canada's marine forecasts and warnings by region here.


Everything is in order

Before leaving, consider performing a visual inspection of the hull, electrical systems and power supply. Make sure everything is working and check if you have enough fuel (you'd be surprised to see how many boaters run out of fuel!). Finally, ensure that all safety equipment is in place and in good condition.


Here’s a detailed list of items to check to prepare your boat.


Share your itinerary

Regardless of the length of your trip, it's a good idea to develop a navigation plan that includes your itinerary and a description of your boat. Give it to someone you trust, and tell them who to contact in case of emergency.


Now, you are now ready to enjoy the waters safely!




Mers & Bateaux : Préparation du bateau, les points indispensables (in French only)

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Government of Canada

Transports Canada : Guide de sécurité nautique




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