Are you prepared for severe weather and natural disasters?

Severe weather and natural disasters
Severe weather and natural disasters

According to the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, Canada experiences some of the most severe winter weather in the world.

We’ve combatted a number of catastrophic winter storms over the years, most notably the ice storm of 1998, which left 4 million people without power and caused over $5.4 billion in damage. In 2013, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic were hit with ice storms and extreme wind, causing $200 million in damage and 1 million people to lose power. It begs the question – are you prepared for severe weather and disasters? 

In 2016, Aviva Canada launched Plan & Protect, a free emergency preparedness app, in partnership with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. The app is available to all Canadians and designed to help you prepare for severe weather and disasters, as well as protect your family and property from damage.

Plan & Protect features: 

  • Free to download from the App Store and Google Play. 
  • Available in English and French. 
  • Access vital information about what to do before, during and after earthquakes, floods, severe wind, wildfires and winter storms. 
  • Receive a personalized risk report specific to your location, and customized list of items to include in your 72-hour emergency kit. 
  • Get notifications tailored to your emergency needs. 
  • Securely store your home and auto insurance information at your fingertips. 
  • All content is preloaded and accessible without internet connection. 

In addition, for every app download, Aviva Canada will donate $5 to the Canadian Red Cross* to help communities affected by disasters*.

Ensuring that you’re prepared for severe weather and natural disasters is a key part of helping to prevent the damage that results. For more information about how to protect the people and things you love, visit the Aviva Canada Blog or speak to your Aviva insurance representative.  

*For the first 10,000 downloads.