What’s happening at The Dock

Have you been to The Dock yet? It’s where you’ll find social media content that speaks to your customers

Looking to share some articles and tips with your customers? Head over to The Dock for lots of content that you’re welcome to post directly or be inspired for your own custom posts.

You can sort the content by type or product, or you can search for subject keywords.


How to get to The Dock

There are two ways to make your way to The Dock. Log in to AvivaPartner and:

  1. On the home page click on See More and then on the Lifestyle Resource Centre link. This will bring you to the L&L Resource Centre where The Dock sits under the Resources tab.
  2. Click on the LeisureQuote link from the home page. Then click on Resource Centre, which will bring you to the L&L Resource Centre.


Share with your social media/marketing team

Be sure to send this information to the folks responsible for posting your social media content. If they need to gain access, they can contact Aviva’s Concierge Assist team 8:00 am - 6:00 pm ET at 1-888-827-7477 or concierge_assist@aviva.com for technical support related to Aviva's broker applications.