Aviva Cyber Insurance for Business

Protect your business from cyber incidents

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Protect your business even more…

Extra coverage for eligible small to medium enterprise Aviva Property or Liability policyholders

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…with Aviva Cyber Insurance for Business

Comprehensive cyber insurance for your growing business

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…that helps you prevent and respond to cyber security threats

With access to a 24/7 incident response phone line and a self-serve online portal for risk management help and information provided by Cyberscout

Business Cyber Insurance

The comprehensive Aviva Cyber Insurance for Business coverage is available as an addition to your Enterprise Property or Liability policy for small to medium businesses. You can also choose from curated coverage options to meet the needs of your business.  The Privacy Expense only and Business Disruption Expense only options provide more limited coverage.

Coverages included in the comprehensive Aviva Cyber Insurance for Business

Data Compromise Response Expenses

Provides resources to respond to and manage a breach resulting in the loss of personal information.

Computer Attack

Covers the costs to replace, recreate, or restore data and restore systems following a hack, malware attack, or denial of service attack. Includes coverage for loss of income, extra expenses, and public relations services.

Cyber Extortion

Covers the costs to eliminate a cyber extortion threat and for the costs of hiring a negotiator or investigator to eliminate the threat.

Identity Recovery

Covers expenses incurred to recover after an identity theft incident impacting a business owner, partner, or executive, including case management and expense reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs, legal expenses, lost wages, and child or elder care.

Data Compromise Liability

Covers defence and settlement costs resulting from litigation arising from loss of personal information due to data compromise incident.

Network Security Liability

Covers defence and settlement costs for litigation resulting from a failure in system security, or due to the loss of third-party corporate data.

Electronic Media Liability

Covers defence and settlement costs for infringement, defamation, or privacy violation litigation arising from the posting of information on an insured’s website.

Misdirected Payment Fraud

Reimburses funds that are lost due to criminal deception of the insured or their financial institution to send money to a fraudulent destination.

Curated coverage options are also available for Privacy Expense only and Business Disruption Expense only.

These options provide more limited exposure-specific coverage. 

What Aviva Cyber Insurance for Business offers

Basic to comprehensive coverage

Protection to help prevent and respond to a wide range of cyber risks. Choose the right level of coverage, basic to comprehensive, to meet the needs of your organization.

Access to a Cyber Incident Preparation and Response Portal

An online portal with cyber incident response plan templates, education resources, and cyber incident response support provided by Cyberscout.

Dedicated claims service

You’ll get 24/7 support from expert cyber professionals who are experienced with responding to cyber incidents.

Know your risks

  • Ransomware attacks can significantly disrupt operations and extortion demands are on the rise
  • Social engineering fraud* is becoming more sophisticated, leading to loss of funds or data
  • Privacy regulations are tightening, and non-compliance may result in fines and penalties
  • Criminals have increasingly demonstrated they have the skills capable of circumventing cyber security measures
  • Reputational damage from just one cyber incident can have lasting impacts on your business

The Cyber Incident Preparation and Response Portal

As an Aviva Cyber Insurance for Business customer your business can benefit from Cyberscout, a provider of cyber protection services. An online Cyber Incident Preparation and Response Portal offers information and guidance from cyber specialists on the risks and actions to take to prevent and respond to a cyber incident. You are encouraged to call for cyber protection advice for your business, with or without the occurrence of a cyber incident.

Features include:

24/7 incident response

Bilingual (English & French) response team provides proactive guidance and helps to resolve cyber incidents.

Cyber education

Information and articles on cyber risks and cyber incident prevention.

Risk management tools

Cyber security self-assessment and risk calculator.

Incident response and notification templates

Sample documents to create and tailor your incident response plan and notification communications.

Have a cyber claim or need support?

For 24/7 assistance:

Call 1-844-398-1919  |  aviva.breachresponse.ca

  • Click here for important information for Cyber Suite customers

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 *Deception used to manipulate individuals into sending money or sensitive information to an unintended recipient

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