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Rated AA- by Standard and Poor’s and Fitch Ratings

If you own an automotive business such as a dealership, repair shop, car wash, garage or gas bar, you can get the insurance protection you need from Aviva – customized to meet the unique needs of your business. This coverage is available exclusively through insurance brokers.

Choose the right coverage

Enjoy standard features and customize your policy to your specific needs

  • Property

    Coverage for your buildings including exterior glass and signs, towers, renewable energy equipment, sewers and utilities above and below ground on the premises* and more.

    • contents coverage including stock, equipment, electronic equipment (including laptops) on and off premises and more
    • customers’ goods
    • trailers held for sale
    • dealer protection± (including conversion)
    • property held by others±
    • and more


    Coverage** to protect you in case of lawsuits for bodily or mental injury and property damage, personal and advertising injury liability, tenant’s property damage liability, voluntary medical payments and more.

    • use of machinery attached to automobiles
    • property damage due to defective automobile repair or servicing an automobile
    • liability for non-owned automobiles
    • towing extension to cover customer vehicles

    Equipment breakdown

    Protection for accidents to compressors, heating systems, electrical panels, hoists, mechanical or electrical machines or apparatus, including production machinery.

    Coverage includes:

    • ammonia contamination
    • brands and labels
    • fluid escape
    • hazardous substances
    • loss of income resulting from an equipment breakdown±
    • portable objects**
    • and more


    A broad range of coverages, including:

    • employee dishonesty
    • money, securities and other property
    • counterfeit currency and money orders
    • forgery, alteration, credit card and automated teller card
    • electronic fraud and funds-transfer fraud
    • incoming cheque forgery
    • and more

    Add even more protection

    • employee benefits liability
    • cyber insurance** helps you prevent and respond to cyber security threats
    • commercial auto***
    • umbrella coverage provides an extra layer of liability coverage in the event of a catastrophic loss

*your premises includes the area within your property lines, areas under adjoining sidewalks and driveways, and in or on vehicles within 100 m

**availability of some coverages limited to certain operations

***offered on a separate policy

± optional coverage

Insurance solutions you need

With Aviva Enterprise Automotive sales and services insurance,  you'll get these advantages:

Automotive insurance experts for your property and liability

Access to experts who understand the special needs and risks of a wide range of businesses within the automotive business sector.

One comprehensive policy

In addition to what’s offered in our standard policies, this specialized package includes unique protection to meet the needs of businesses in the automotive industry.  

Risk management expertise

Whether you operate a dealership, repair shop, car wash, garage, gas bar or retail location for sales and installation of auto parts, we have experts who will work with you to manage the risks associated with your business. We can customize an insurance policy to meet your business needs. 

Frequently asked questions

We answer your questions on business insurance

  • Why do I need commercial property insurance for my business?

    To keep your business operating you rely on having its physical assets protected, such as the building, equipment, inventory and stock, tools, contractor’s equipment and rental income.  A commercial property insurance policy protects your assets from damage or destruction.

    What is Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance? Why do I need it for my business?

    CGL insurance is designed to protect your business from being found legally liable for injuries or property damage caused by your product, completed work or accidents on your premises involving visitors or customers, or at your customer’s location.  Standard coverage includes - Bodily injury and property damage liability, Personal injury liability, Medical payments and Tenant’s legal liability.  Every day your business is exposed to different liability hazards associated with the work you do.  No one thinks a claim or a lawsuit will be filed on their business until it happens. Having the right CGL policy for your business is one of the smartest decisions you can make to protect it.

    What could happen if I don’t have the right coverage in place for my business?

    Your business could be responsible for paying for claims or lawsuits on your own. These expenses could be in the form of damages to third parties, legal defense costs, replacement of uninsured property, among many others.  Depending on the nature of the loss, this could result in an unexpected expense for the business. Or in more severe cases, it could have a significant impact on the ability for your business to remain open.

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