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As one of Canada’s largest commercial auto insurance providers*, we understand how important vehicles are to your business. Commercial insurance is available exclusively through insurance brokers. 

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Auto insurance coverage

Whether you have a single utility van, an entire fleet of delivery trucks or a garage operation, you need the right protection with a commercial auto insurance solution based on your unique needs.

Get basic auto coverage and consult with your insurance broker to choose the right amount of liability coverage in case you accidently hurt someone or damage their property.

Accident benefits are available in all provinces, with additional amounts available in Ontario, to provide health care for you or your employees if you are injured in an accident.

Optional coverage to protect you from fire, theft, glass damage and collision is also available.

Available discounts

Get the best value for your business. Ask your insurance broker about available discounts:

  • Having more than one business policy with us 
  • Being claims-free
  • Implementing risk management practices

Optional coverage

Need enhanced coverage? Customize your policy with these add-ons:

Industry-based fleet insurance coverage

Our programs cater to a variety of industries including trucking, manufacturing, energy, realty, construction and more.

Automotive insurance

If your business services or repairs other people’s vehicles, you have liability exposure.

Customs and excise bonds

A customs or excise bond could be required if your business involves importing, exporting, manufacturing, sales or distribution of goods in Canada.

Coverage for complex risks

Complex risks include transportation of goods in the U.S. and Canada.

Premiere Auto Network

Specialized claims and repair services through our exclusive Premiere Network of preferred vendors.

Additional coverage

Get even more out of your auto insurance coverage by adding: Replacement vehicle coverage, physical damage coverage on rented or
borrowed vehicles, reimbursement of the full insured value if your new vehicle is written off.

Insurance solutions you need

With Aviva commercial auto insurance, you'll get:

Multi-vehicle discount

Save when you insure more than one vehicle with us.

Conviction-free discount

Save more when your drivers are conviction-free. 

Commercial driving record protector**

Protection against increased premiums if there’s an accident – even if you’re at-fault.

Frequently asked questions

We answer your questions on commercial auto insurance

  • What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

    Commercial auto insurance provides protection for vehicles with:

    • business use (eg real estate salesperson visiting clients)
    • commercial use (eg tradesmen carrying equipment in vehicles to a jobsite)
    • public use (eg buses) 
    • incidental personal use 

    The commercial auto policy offers coverage for:

    • vehicle occupants and those outside of the vehicle who are injured in an accident
    • damage to vehicles and to the property of others

    When do I need Commercial Auto Insurance?

    You need commercial auto insurance if you have vehicles used for:

    • business purposes, including vehicles with a commercial license plate or tag, or that are registered for commercial use
    • public use, including those registered as a public bus or school bus 
    • driver training
    • taxi service

    You will also require a commercial auto insurance policy if you have employees operating their own vehicles for your business (eg couriers).

    Does a commercial auto insurance policy cover vehicles used for personal use?

    A commercial auto policy is intended for business/commercial use vehicles, however personal use is also permitted. 

    Talk to your broker to ensure you have appropriate coverage based on the various uses of your vehicles.

    What is a Commercial Fleet policy?

    A Commercial Fleet policy is available to owners of many vehicles used for business/commercial purposes. It provides the same coverages offered under commercial automobile policies.

    What is a Garage automobile insurance policy?

    Businesses handling vehicles owned by others need a garage auto liability policy. It provides protection for owned vehicles as well as other vehicles, including those owned by customers.


    Insurance is available to cover

    • occupants of owned or customer-owned vehicles or those outside of the vehicle if they are injured in an accident
    • damage to owned or customer-owned vehicles and to the property of others

    Businesses such as vehicle dealerships, repair garages, automobile body shops, service stations, tow truck operations and parking lot owners require a garage auto policy.

    If you lease vehicles to others, you will need a commercial auto policy rather than a garage auto policy.

* The commercial auto policy is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada. The information on this website is provided to you for information purposes only. Terms and conditions apply, for exact terms, definitions, limitations and extensions, please speak with your insurance broker for more information. 

**Only available in Ontario

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