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Running a successful business can be challenging. From keeping your customers and employees happy to protecting your bottom line – we are here to help.

Our experts understand the risks facing your line of work and are here to provide you with insight into how to protect your growing business. Explore our selection of resources to stay informed about industry trends and prevention solutions.

Small business

Cyber security best practices for small business owners

What small businesses need to know as cybercrime continues to rise

Carpenter doing an indoor renovation.

What insurance does your small business need?

Woman on the phone in an office.

What information do I need to get a small business insurance quote?

Woman shaking hands with a client in an office.

The benefits of working with an insurance broker

Female gardener pruning plants at her store.

How to structure and protect multiple businesses


5 most common sources of product loss for wholesalers

Organize your warehouse to reduce product loss and damage

Managing recalls in your wholesale business

Ownership and liability of goods in wholesaling

Why what you’re wholesaling affects your insurance needs

What standards and certifications does your company need to do business in Canada?

Metal Manufacturing

5 most common metal manufacturing insurance claims

Advancing operational risk management in metal manufacturing

Managing risk and developing safety protocols for metal manufacturers

How metal manufacturers can avoid equipment breakdowns

5 things you need to know about metal waste management

What kind of insurance coverage do metal manufacturers need?


Yellow backhoe on dirt hill with building under construction in the background.

Attention Construction Operators – Protect your vehicles and equipment from theft!

The 5 most common workplace accidents on construction sites

Birds eye view looking down on construction site with builders and crane.

Theft and vandalism on construction sites

Looking down indoor warehouse storage aisles.

Storing construction materials and equipment off-site

Yellow digger excavating the ground.

Preventing construction accidents when digging underground

Security camera monitoring traffic.

Pros and cons of security cameras on construction sites

Home in the middle of construction.

Builder’s Risk Insurance – common claims and how to customize your coverage

Insurance insights for any business

How to ensure your growing business is properly insured

Preparing for your insurance policy renewal

Close-up of a thumb drive sitting on top of a laptop keyboard.

Is your business covered for these 5 potential losses?

Close-up of a green emergency exit sign with an illustrated person running towards a door.

Is your business disaster ready?

Technician using thermal imaging camera to check the temperature in a factory.

How your business can benefit from infrared technology

Instructor training a truck driver

How to manage risk with company-sponsored driver training

Truck driver in front of truck

Make hiring the right truck drivers a priority for your business


Tips for protecting your commercial or residential building from water damage


How to ensure your infrared survey is done right

Protect your residential building: How to reduce the risks of hot work

Why you need to report every incident at your business

The art of managing risk in a transitioning market

How to create an energy management plan for your building

Energy risk management: How does energy management relate to risk management?

How to create a distracted driving policy for your fleet

How to create a contractor management policy

CCTV camera or surveillance system for car dealer monitoring

Dealership theft: How dealerships can protect their lots from catalytic converter theft

Three men inspecting the roof of a building

Roofing inspection: Regular roof inspections prevent costly problems

A fleet of pickup trucks in a business parking lot

Making vehicle theft prevention your business

Young woman standing in front of white apartment wall with mold on it

Why your building needs a water mitigation plan

Woman truck driver proudly holding commercial driving license.

Driver mentorship: How to create a new driver mentoring program in 5 easy steps

Manager with a digital tablet on the background of trucks

How effectively are you using telematics data?

Young woman grilling food at barbecue outdoors

Grilling safety tips: How to keep your building safe from barbecue hazards

Trucks loading unloading at warehouse

How to avoid cargo theft

Two women looking at something on a computer.

Risk mitigation: Mitigating risk is central to running a business

Empty road with commercial buildings

Is your building equipped to withstand a natural catastrophe? Tips for creating resilient buildings

A person checking their password on a phone and computer

12 cyber security recommendations for businesses with remote workers

A person holding a computer and checking a computer network mainframe

Cyber Security: Respond quickly and recover faster

Trucker inspecting tire of a truck

Most impactful part of a trucker’s day is often overlooked

Snow removal contractor clearing parking lots and walkways

Winterize your property to prevent costly problems

Driving a car

Vehicle theft: Know the facts and protect your assets

Reviewing data

Delivering great customer experience and solving problems with data science

Wind turbines outdoor

Why climate change and net zero matters to the insurance industry

Science lab

The forever risks of the forever chemicals: Understanding PFAS

A person in a safety vest looking at a damaged car

Commercial auto claims examples

Two men lifting plywood onto a truck

Commercial Auto Insurance basics

A person in a high-visibility safety vest exiting a van

Commercial Auto Insurance explained

A person holding a tablet computer while looking at a van in a parking lot

Commercial Auto versus Business Auto

Heavy traffic  on the highway

Commercial auto versus personal auto

Emergency backup generator

How to ensure your building can withstand a power outage

Coworkers looking at the laptop

What businesses should know about AI (Artificial Intelligence)


ESG Risk 101 for businesses: Why (and how) to get started


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