Making a Home Warranty claim

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Even with the best home builders, defects can arise. Defects often occur due to the complex nature of homes. In the event you discover a defect that may be covered under your Home Warranty policy, Aviva is here to help.


Home Warranty Coverage

Know what’s covered

Read your Home Warranty policy carefully to understand what’s covered, including: 

  • any limitations or exclusions in your coverage
  • coverage expiry dates under the policy
  • claim reporting cut-offs that you need to know about

Some defects are not covered

It is important to understand that not all deficiencies and defects with your new home are covered, including non-completed items and contractual issues.

Be sure to retain all documents and correspondence surrounding your home purchase to use as support material if there is a concern (or if a claim submission is required).

Alberta and British Columbia

If your home is in Alberta or British Columbia, resources are available to assist you in determining if your concern might be covered by your home warranty insurance.

AlbertaResidential Protection Program Construction Performance Guide for New Home Warranty

British ColumbiaResidential Construction Performance Guide

Filing a Claim

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When to file a claim

You can file a claim at any time, however, we encourage you to work with your builder to resolve your concerns. You should file a claim if:
  • Your Home Warranty policy has not expired
  • Your reporting period to file a claim has not passed
  • Your builder was unable to resolve your concerns within a reasonable amount of time
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How to file a claim

To submit a claim for a warranted defect, you must provide written notice to both Aviva Insurance Company of Canada and your builder.
Download the Claim Submission Form for ease of reporting and claim handling. You can submit your claim to Home Warranty Claims via:
Mail: 10 Aviva Way, Suite 100, Markham, Ontario L5G 0G1
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Ensure that your submission includes:

  • Your policy number
  • Your full name
  • Your home address
  • Your phone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • A detailed description of each item being claimed, including the specific location in the home
  • Any other relevant details

More information

If you own a home in a multi-family condo building and you believe there may be defect claims relating to the common property* please notify your condo council and/or your property manager so that they can submit a claim on your behalf. If you are a property manager submitting a claim on behalf of a multi-family strata building council, please follow the above procedure.

Additional information, including the Maintenance Manual, can be found on the National Home Warranty's, website

*Common property is any part of the land and buildings shown on a strata plan that is not a part of a strata lot.  Generally, this means things like hallways, external walls, amenities, roofs, elevators, any sort of recreation ground or shared green space.