Aviva Canada Risk Insights Report 2023

Analyzing the risks facing Canadian businesses

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The Aviva Canada Risk Insights Report is a deep dive into the current state of risk. Our second annual report is based on input from 1500 Canadian senior business leaders and is intended to provide insights and analysis on the risks and challenges that businesses in Canada are facing. Businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors to larger corporate entities, across all areas of the economy, participated in this research study. The research confirmed that economic uncertainty, business disruption and public health events are some of the highest risk areas. Within this report, Aviva experts also provide guidance and support in relation to these challenges. 

Did you know?


of all businesses have some level of concern over the future economic outlook


of businesses believe inflationary pressures will persist for the next two years


of businesses feel their current business continuity plan requires revision, or are without one entirely

All businesses – regardless of size or sector – are feeling the knock-on effect of emerging and persistent headwinds: inflation, and natural disasters. Exposure to risk may not always be in our control, but with the right contingencies in place to mitigate business implications you can avoid your business becoming a casualty of uncertainty.”

Fred Shurbaji, Managing Director, Aviva Business

The top 3 risks facing Canadian businesses*

Canadian businesses are feeling strained and unsure how to navigate the current business landscape. As the results from last year to this year show, uncertainty is a shapeshifter, easily changing from public health events to cyber threats to supply chain woes to economic uncertainty. Risk management is becoming more top of mind as businesses look to get ahead of potential risks and safeguard their businesses.


1. Economic Uncertainty

% of businesses who selected as a top risk


2. Business Interruption

% of businesses who selected as a top risk


3. Public Health Events

% of businesses who selected as a top risk

Download the Aviva Canada Risk Insights Report 2023

This report is a continuation of our commitment to guide businesses through the risks they face and give them the tools and education to better manage those risks.

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