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Aviva provides more than just insurance – you also have access to our Specialist Partner Network to help you manage risk and reduce loss on your property or place of business. Feel confident with prevention solutions and services you can count on. 

Explore our Specialist Partner Network for risk management and loss prevention services. If you need help finding the right service, email us at arms.canada@aviva.com.

These partner relationships are wholly for the benefit of our policyholders with no income to Aviva.


Specialist Partner Network services

Our network of partners provides expertise, tools, support and resources to help you avoid costly repairs and potential losses. From water leak prevention to driver training and more, we have a selection of partners with the resources you need.

Water leak detection for homes and businesses

Water Protec specializes in electronic water leak detection and prevention for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Phone: 1-833-284-8297

Email: canada@water-protec.com

Commercial fleet driver training

Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists, Inc. (KRTS Inc.) provides quality driver education training in Canada and the U.S.

They offer a number of training courses for the trucking industry to help drivers stay up-to-date on current regulations, rules and best practices. 

Phone: 1-800-771-8171

Email: mrichardson@krway.com

or krichardson@transrep.ca

Hiring the right commercial drivers

Making Eligibility Easy (MEE)’s Driver Qualification System helps you hire the right drivers for your business.

From initial candidate screening and hiring of drivers, to qualification and ongoing requalification of drivers, MEE makes the process easy.

Phone: 1-800-609-6552

Email: info@isbmee.com 

or ccharalambous@isbc.ca

Technician using thermal imaging camera to check the temperature in a factory.

Infrared thermal inspections

Uncover hidden electrical, equipment, water, and insulation problems with an un-intrusive infrared inspection.

Identifying potential risks before they occur can prevent or reduce unnecessary loss and downtime. Find out what an infrared service provider can do for your business and where to find one in your area today.

Insurance brokers, the right choice for you

Get expertise for your insurance needs from coverages, pricing options, claims support and discounts.