Infrared thermal inspections

How thermal imaging can protect your business

Discover hidden electrical, equipment, moisture, and insulation problems without breaking down walls. Make infrared inspections a part of your business’ preventative maintenance program by surveying for potential risks before they occur. Ask your broker if this type of inspection could benefit your business.

How does it work?

Infrared cameras determine the relative thermal energy emitted between objects. Colours in the images represent levels of heat differentiating between hot and cold areas. A qualified thermographer can interpret these images and identify hidden issues such as electrical failures quickly.

Who can perform this inspection?

Hire a qualified thermographer to perform infrared inspections. Ensure your technician is level 1 certified.

Benefits of thermal imaging

A non-invasive infrared survey can help you:

Identify possible risks of equipment and electrical failure, water damage, and thermal issues

Minimize downtime and improve system performance

Reduce risk of injury and increase safety

Approved vendors and contractors

Aviva’s approved vendors and contractors program gives you access to our partners who provide expertise, tools and resources to help you avoid costly repairs and potential losses. Find one in your area today.

Contractors Atlantic region Ontario Quebec Western region

Safe Imaging - Thermal Inspections

Phone: 289-968-7233
Email: getsafe@live.ca
Website: www.safeimaging.ca



Southern Ontario


Hindsight Infrared Services Inc. 

Phone: 902-706-4218  / 1-877-526-5236
Email: info@hindsightinfraredservices.com
Website: www.hindsightinfraredservices.com  










IPE Canada

Phone: 289-301-2810
Email: service@ipecanada.ca
Website: www.ipecanada.ca








Phone: 905-507-9507
Email: sbuhagiar@meadowbrookconstruction.ca

Website: www.meadowb.com

  Southern Ontario (including Barrie and Windsor)

Meltech Thermal Imaging Inc.

Phone: 506-850-8324
Email: gordon@meltechthermal.com
Website: www.meltechthermal.com 


Canada and U.S. 

Quantum Thermal Imaging

Phone: 709-727-2570
Email: mike@quantumthermalimaging.com
Website: www.quantumthermalimaging.com







Thermal Infrared Services

Phone: 506-847-1820
Email: 9393@nbnet.nb.ca




Thermo Inspection EB

Phone: 819-631-1010 / 819-323-8440 / 514-718-8440
Email: info@inspection-eb.com
Website: www.inspection-eb.com



Ottawa region




If you need help finding the right solution, email us at riskmanagementcanada@aviva.com

High tech inspections for your business

Whether your business is small or large, if you depend on electrical or mechanical systems as part of its operations, you need to consider infrared thermography to protect it.

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Technician using thermal imaging camera to check the temperature in a factory

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