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In every business, risk is a factor. In a world becoming more complex and unpredictable by the day, this has never been truer. Risk presents itself differently from business to business, but it must always be managed to guard against uncertainty.

Aviva Risk Management Solutions (ARMS) helps you to assess the risk in your business and develop customized measures to control it. For businesses of all sizes, we offer customized risk management and prevention solutions to help ensure your business is prepared and protected for the unexpected.

What are businesses most concerned about in 2023?

We spoke to nearly 1,500 commercial business owners in Canada about their biggest risk concerns. Economic uncertainty, business interruption and public health risks are among the top risks.

Discover the latest trends and risk management support in the Aviva Canada Risk Insights Report 2023.

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Specialist Partners to help minimize your business risks

Providing you with more than just insurance, Aviva customers have access to a network of Specialist Partners to help you manage risk and reduce loss on your property or place of business.

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