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In today’s ever-changing environment, you may require the guarantee of a Contract Surety Bond or a Commercial Surety Bond. You can trust Aviva to create a surety facility that is right for you. Commercial and Contract Surety solutions are available exclusively through insurance brokers.

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Benefit from experienced underwriters who specialize in providing Contract and Commercial Surety Bonds for individuals, businesses and organizations.

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With Aviva's Commercial and Contract Surety  solutions, you'll get:

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Access to experts who specialize in developing surety facilities for organizations like yours.

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We understand your business goals and the unique ways you use your resources, skills and expertise.

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A wide range of Commercial and Contract Surety solutions are available to ensure protection for your project from start to finish.

Frequently asked questions

We answer your questions on Commercial and Contract Surety

What is a Surety Bond?

A Surety Bond is a legally binding, three party contract that ensures obligations will be met between a principal (a construction company, eg. Joe’s Contracting), an obligee (often times a government entity, eg. City of Toronto) and a Surety (an insurance company, eg. Aviva Insurance Company of Canada).

Why do I need a Surety Bond?

The most common reasons for requiring a bond are:

a) Publicly funded projects

Most government bodies require contractors to post bonds to protect taxpayers’ money used to fund the project.

b) Privately funded projects

Bonds may be requested on private projects, in order to provide the obligee or financial institutions financing these projects with financial/budgetary security.

c) Subtrade bonding

Bonds may be requested by general contractors of their subtrades. The main intention in doing so is to prequalify the subcontractor and to avoid losing money because of a subtrade who is unable to fulfil the contract.

Government regulations and court orders

Bonds can be required to satisfy fiduciary obligations (Executor Bond, Administration Bond), government legislation (many different license & permit bonds, customs bonds), or private contractual obligations (lost document bonds). These bonds protect the consumer against fraud and misrepresentation guaranteeing that the business or individual will comply with applicable regulations.


How do I get a Surety Bond and what information is required?

Your first step is to reach out to your insurance broker who will help gather the necessary underwriting information and help you through the application process. Aviva’s Surety Underwriters will work with your broker to arrange a surety facility that is right for you.

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